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Talk Tennis and sack CORE and the advertisers please Mark!

Just logged on to see if there was any blogs on Rotterdam, San Jose etc to find a load of games advertised by Core which occupy all the main page blog space.
Can Mark deal with this??
Ive logged on a few times of late to see kids 'love' t shirts etc being advertised. Is there a separate area for sales?? I certainly dont want to be commenting on whether I like the pink one or the blue one. Its not exactly BLOG is it.

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Comment by Meags on February 19, 2009 at 2:06am
I think thats ok for bloggers who post regular reports etc but most of us blog on a whim which wouldnt work if you had to wait a few days for your day.
I think in general the bloggs are great with several members responding to most discussions and the main page always seems to have something interesting going on.
Comment by Mark / The Mayor on February 18, 2009 at 5:54pm
Thanks for the heads up guys! CORE was a spammer that has nothing to do with the site. Various spammers like this will join, and I usually ban them right away, but they caught me looking away this time. Banned!

I'll start controlling which blogs make the main page. Racketeer, this would be cool if we had something of a schedule where each blogger had a day, m,t,w,th,f and so the Main page always had super cool blogs on it. (like DCF does.) I think I will put that in the ear of the great bloggers on here and see what kind of resonse we can get. This is for all three of you, would you like to have one of these slots?

Comment by Patrick on February 16, 2009 at 2:56pm
I'm sorry, but I agree with Richard. There are banner spots for advertisers, but they should certainly not be in the main forum. Hopefully something can be done to keep them out, though I know that's a difficult prospect. Maybe more site admins are in order to keep that sort of spam off the boards.

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