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Ive watched the final of nadal v fed at wimbledon 20 times now infact im doing it at the mo. Ive always believed that fed lost it in the first couple of sets. I think my love for feds game has biassed me towards the brute strength of nedals. Watching again i still cant love nedal but his forehand is exceptional if it was feds id be laughing all the way.
There is another blog 'i hate nadal' but what i am asking is does his brute strength and undoubted top spin forehand mask his greatness or are we just so in love with the beauty of the game??
I see players like murray (of which you know im a fan by now) playing the all court game ala mac and sampras and are we succured into old ideals or is it that the best player in the world is so good at playing baseline game? we got to be honest the next best players in the world djok fed and murray dont play that game??
coming back to wimbledon I kept saying brilliant federer and not nadal, why? I see the lefty unreturnable spin and they so good. What is up with me or am i just jealous of all the girls cheering for him.
I think the blog about the top 4 is a real good one its so diff this year with nadals unanswerable points tally, fed without his early season fever, noles all over the place and murray's even better fitness.
What you think folks and can, cos most of you US, are there any players to compete, Roddick,coach change or not is he gonna have trouble with tsonga and simon dont you think???

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Comment by Meags on December 20, 2008 at 5:37pm
If you have some sense and look at feedback etc then you wont have a problem like racketeer!
Ive never had any problems on ebay with dvd's or tennis rackets, do your research before you press the buy button and you should be fine.
Comment by Jazz Burks on December 18, 2008 at 11:06am
If you check this video you see Nadal, a much younger Nadal, using a quick strike flatter forehand to end points and using the super topspin upper cut forehand as a rally shot. As he got older the uppercut has taken more precedence as the main fh. As I've said before Nadal's game is brutal on his opponents as well as himself. I don't know how long he can last. Nadal's brutality is his art as much as fluidity and grace is Fed's. They are both hitting the ball with amazing speed and power its just the different maners of going about it that divide the fans into two vehemently opposed camps. If Nadal of today played like this kid on the video I'd be a big fan. Not as big as Fed but a fan nonetheless.

For the US its going to be more of the same, Blake and Roddick with the occasional Fish and Querrey sighting. Maybe Isner can make a splash at Wimby, I doubt that with the slowing of the courts.
Comment by Meags on December 18, 2008 at 4:42am
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Comment by Dana on December 17, 2008 at 8:19pm
How can I get a copy. It would be the perfect gift for my dad.

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