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How are those Tennis, Health and Wellness, Career, 2013 Resolutions Coming?

7 Ways to Hit Your 2013 Resolutions!

Whoa long hiatus, it feels good to be back! Do not worry, my first posting this year is not a guilt trip but rather us finding solutions together!

A new year brings with it high expectations, inspiration, and rejuvenated spirits to reach one’s goals. The first week of January, “new year’s resolutions” is the trending topic. Among the most popular resolutions are health and wellness goals. Everyone makes proclamations on how they will create a better version of themselves for that year. We even make big financial commitments to convince ourselves of the success at our fingertips. New tennis racquets, gym memberships, workout gear,  new diet commitments, and these financial commitments are supposed to be trick ways to keep us on track because nobody wants to waste money, right?! Matter of fact, most of us actually start, and with undeniable vigour, two gym workouts in one day, easy……well, at least until the second or third week of January.

Possible Problems

1.    What Goes Wrong; What Kills the Progress? Reinventing a tennis stroke, body weight management, and outperforming your work colleagues all are worthwhile and highly rewarding resolutions. But for those of us who missed out on early childhood immersion, the grind associated with acquiring these attributes cannot be fostered simply because we want them or recognize the reward that comes with attaining them.  The will power to pursue the goals for the most part is built on shaky foundations, that, coupled with biting off too much too soon.

 2.    Mistaking “Rewards” for “Motivators”. A big serve, that big work promotion, getting ripped, increased endurance, weight loss, clothing size drop, high morale, increased self-esteem are ultimate rewards. While visualizing rewards as exemplified by buying clothing a few ............CONTINUE READING

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