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Its getting really annoying watching Murray on clay, he has the game for it as he can hit all the shots, his fitness is second to nadal so he can run around all day. Watching others like Monaco, Ljubicic and Verdasco all unlucky to lose in a way, they went for their shots, Murray it seems and this is what really annoys me is a better player but he wants to out think everyone and Del Potro last night just played to his strengths which to be honest for #5 in the world are nothing special and bullied him with power and persistence.

I like clay, gives you a little time to play your shots and if you got a big shot then go for it, its more than muscle i know but consistent muscle is the key and its great to watch.
Murray reminds me of some E and F teams they play lollipop tennis, keeping the ball not going for shots. its a successful and frustrating strategy at that level but at the peak of the game Murray needs to show that its not all about how many mistakes you make but the difference between winners and mistakes.

Nadal didnt look his best against Verdasco and I think he'll have a few problems against the Djok who IMO is playing the best tennis at the mo and Im sticking my neck out but I think its a Nole v Fed final with Fed winning in 3, very tight tho.

Nadal for French tho there's no stoppin the man and it be good for him to lose and come back really focussed for the Slam!

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Comment by Meags on June 3, 2009 at 3:43am
Once again Murray disappoints. He seemed to get his tactics wrong against Gonzo in the French always going to the backhand without the power so Gonzo could run around and hit his forehand when the open court was beckoning!
Tried to outthink him and Gonzo just outhit him. Well worth the win..........
Comment by Meags on May 17, 2009 at 2:46am
I agree Mark
there are so many robots on tour, I like miserable Murray. Mac told him last Wimbledon to use his frustration in a way that Mac did to unsettle his opponent, but Andy only gives his opponent hope when he does it! Hopefully he'll learn.
I agree with Nole too he could have come to the net a lot more when he was in control of points, what a game tho and I like Nole, he's kinda real, applauds good shots etc.
I would like a bit more racket throwing, shouting, rubbing umpires noses in the clay dirt when he gets off his bloody seat again and walks over to see a ball mark clearly out and pointing at it like you were a child!!!
Comment by Mark / The Mayor on May 17, 2009 at 12:09am
Murray is one of the best players to watch - I find him very entertaining. His well rounded game is a like a breath of fresh air - Djoker was pissing me off today. He had so many chances to move to the net and finish points against Nadal, but he was so scared....
Comment by Jazz Burks on May 16, 2009 at 10:23pm
Well you almost had it but the King of Clay was not to be denied. Hopefully Fed can give Nadal something to think about in Paris. Murray just seems to be sullen, introverted, and smug tennis player. Thats why I can't watch his ugly game. Yes it is effective but no I hate to watch it.

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