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My tennis game is currently on hiatus. I pretty much destroyed my ankle last week, and I'll be out for at least a few weeks. I'm sad. Just as I was starting to get pretty good at tennis, and really good at basketball (even with my lack of height) I go and make a retarded move in a retarded game of crunch against some nice guys, but guys I probably shouldn't be playing ball with. I think I've gotten to the point athletically in both sports that I should only seriously engage in competition with people at or beyond my level. I'm also at the age now where that last statement begins to make sense.

I'll be careful the next few weeks, and rehab my ankle to get it stronger before I play any full contact basketball. But, I think tennis can get me back into basketball even quicker. For one, there's not a whole lot of leaping involved, especially with lots of other ankles and feet to land on nearby. For two, there's not any contact so I can recover some of my leg strength while keeping my ankle safe from any cheap injuries. I think I'll be good to hit the courts in about 2-3 weeks if I'm lucky and I'm looking forward to it.

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Comment by Andres Dominguez on April 7, 2008 at 12:29pm
When my friend brought a boot over after the injury, Robocop is exactly where my mind went to. I was like a much shorter, less rigid, less tough version of robocop, well at least one foot anyway. I've seen the first 2 Robocops and kind of gave up after that.
I would usually aim for Jason's head after he got by me with a slick cross court passing shot, which rarely ever happened. I hit him in the chest a few times, but never in the head . . . yet.
Comment by G Money on April 7, 2008 at 11:43am
Ahhhh......yes.........the old classic ankle injury. I know that world well. Back when I was a younger and stupider version of myself, I experienced the whole breaking the ankle thing. I was forced to wear this boot that looked like Robocop's foot. Speaking of Robocop, have you ever seen parts 2, 3, or 4 yet? Changed my life man. It was cool though, I was able to still play basketball with a broken ankle because of this Robocop boot. Then, I snagged it on something and cracked it and got in big time trouble for that one. It ultimately has turned out to be a very important life lesson for me. When things get tough.....I take a minute to reflect and to gather my thoughts and I think to myself..."Ok Guy, it's time to ask yourself one very important question.......What would Robocop do?" I usually find myself making wise decisions when I confront myself with that question. Oh other thing......would you consider tennis a contact sport if you aim at the head of your opponent while he is playing net? That's how I play against Jason.

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