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Serena is a player...and not just the tennis kind

Apparently, Serena "ReRe" Williams likes to play the field on the court as well as off.

According to her latest blog post, the 8-time Grand Slam champ says when you're dating someone, you should keep some spares on the side, or as she so eloquently puts it, you should have "boyfriend insurance":
It is indeed important to have insurance: car insurance, various types of home insurance, health insurance, and life insurance. The list goes on and on but has anyone ever thought about having boyfriend insurance? And what exactly is "boyfriend insurance"? Boyfriend insurance is simple. It's when you are dating someone but you are not sure what the future holds so you also have one or a few "insurance policies" or boys on the side just in case your main squeeze doesn't work out.

This is crazy you may be saying but think about it? Who can afford to live in our society without healthy insurance? It's surely a kiss of death! They won't even look at you in the emergency room with a gunshot wound if you don't have insurance! So, why not protect your personal life?

My friend "Paige" introduced me to the idea of insurance. She was dating a guy who she carelessly started to like and care for deeply when one day he stopped calling her. She was a mess. Nothing to do, her mind could not stop thinking about him. When it suddenly dawned on her "if I had other guys to talk to I wouldn't have this problem".

When her boyfriend did decide to call her she realized she can't put herself through those emotions she needed a back up plan... She needed boyfriend insurance. Just in case something happens, she will be fully covered.

Now she has 3 insurance policies. In case her boyfriend starts acting up she's covered! The best thing about boyfriend insurance is its FREE!!!!!!
I think everyone should have at least 2 policies! Why not? If you are young don't sell yourself short! Go out and get yours!!!!!!!


*Important note- I do not recommend insurance for husbands, wives, fiancés, etc. Also if you are truly in love u should only have one! :)
Beware Common - ReRe has surely taken out some boyfriend insurance on you.


(image via AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

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Comment by Mark / The Mayor on March 11, 2008 at 3:11pm
Love it! Thanks for posting. LOL. I don't think my car can get jealous of my soon to be next car, can it? Common is gonna be movin on down the road.

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