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How to go FROM GOOD TO GREAT in any sport, Part 3/3

How to go FROM GOOD TO GREAT, Part 3

As seen in the second article, the figure-8 body motion is undeniably what separates the great or natural athletes from the good ones. But, more importantly, anyone can learn this “magic move” and easily apply it to their sport or activity.

So how is it done - this figure-8?

Most of us need some help when it comes to…


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Players and Coaches: There are two games going on out there...

One is - what 99% of the people that hold a racket play. That one is to try and hit the ball over the net. The other is what most pros and some college players are capable of, and that is utilizing the entire body and playing an effortless, precise, powerful and "natural" looking game. It's time for all of us to elevate our teaching and playing and get more players in that second category. Everyone can play the game utilizing their entire body to stroke the ball - on all strokes! Help…


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Tuning Your Racket – A Revelation

As a tennis player and coach to World-class athletes, I have always been a big believer that when it comes to tennis and most other skills, it’s the Indian and not the arrow. That is to say a “hacker” is a “hacker” no matter what racket they are sporting, while on the other hand, a real player can hit with a broomstick (OK, I’m exaggerating, but you get the picture.) In fact I would say that in general I am an extreme pessimist when it comes to new equipment that is supposed to…


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How to go from GOOD to GREAT… in any sport. (part 2)

As we saw in our previous article there is a particular ‘non-linear’ dynamic motion that is existent, and which can be seen, in all top athletes, and in every sport.

It’s a motion that, when done properly, can create tremendous speed and power with minimal effort. It’s also a motion that creates amazing balance, grace, and fluidity that make tops athletes appear to be smooth and natural.

To put it as simply as possible, just think of this non-linear motion as a figure-8, or the…


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How to go from GOOD to GREAT… in any sport. by JACK in

There is a particular body motion in almost every sport or physical activity that a gifted athlete performs intuitively. They know it by ‘feel’, or as being ‘in the zone’. People call them a ‘natural athlete’. But this specific body motion goes completely unseen by those of us watching. Even many coaches, trainers, and instructors can’t identify it.

But the athletes’ entire body is engaged in the most efficient, fluid, and seamless flow of motion, resulting in what appears to be… Continue

Added by Jack W. Broudy on February 5, 2012 at 8:49am — 2 Comments

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