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This Steve Gincig posted his own discussion promoting the Beverly Hills Country Club. Fine. The info is there if we care to read it. But this guy ALSO responds to every new post and spams players who are simply looking to find legit matches. ENOUGH!!!!!   Stop flooding everones box and the site in general with your "great discount" spam. I personally don't think promotional spam is what this site was supposed to be about. Maybe it's just me.

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you are definitely right.  No one should flood everyone's email boxes unless it's with invitations to play tennis :)

I have been emailed, called,and thanked by dozens of people :-) There has been no spam at all, of course :-) Several folks have even joined the Club. And of course I have not posted daily, nor have I contacted each and very person. It's easy to make a post full inaccurate statements I thank everyone for your supportive messages and calls and emails of gratitude and you're welcome for the info! Happy Holidays all :-)

It's not just you.  OMG took the words right out of my mouth.  I was debating posting a complaint about this guy...and I think you were even more polite and generous than "Steve Gincig" deserved.  This is a recreational/amateur tennis site for people to find hitting partners.  Gincig gets you 3 ways -- once with his own post; then again when he replies to everyone else's discussion, which refreshes the discussion and makes it seem "current; then again when you get his message directly.  It is absolutely unwelcome commercial  spam, and TENNISOPOLIS SHOULD DELETE ALL OF HIS POSTS AND BAN HIS ACCOUNT FROM THE SITE.  I'm sure he's also posting on the other LA area discussions, and spamming all of those members.  What's worse, his "product" likely may appeal to no more than 1% of tennisopolis members (who would be looking to spend thousands/year for a club membership).  

This will be copied to Tennisopolis admin.

Steven Gincig....You claim "several people" joined your club but DOZENS (plural), meaning more than 24 personally thanked you for posting your spam? If they didn't join the club why the hell would they thank you for posting your "great discount" spam. Because they enjoyed reading spam as a form of literarure? How interesting these "dozens" of people don't post to defend you and your spam. I posted a polite inquiry at first but you argued so now I and other tennis enthusiasts on this site are going to have you banned if you continue posting your spam. I hope my honest, fellow tennis lovers will stand behind this and shut you and your spam down

All, Steven has been warned, and hopefully will desist from multiple posts.  

Joe B. (moderator)

I got a Steven Gincig email on hehe


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