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good idea to get going on a string discussion, if you play something new or you love or hate a string then let us know here.

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Very interesting indeed to hear this from a string guru such as yourself J! .). ... Blast I wasn't so wild about, but I played with it for way longer than 1 hour... Mantis I've become a recent fan of... Silverstring I know... and I'm wondering if that unknown black string I've had laying around in my strings bag with no markings is actually Black Code?...
just bought these off Jaz....good deal and should sort me for a few string jobs for friends as well as a couple to test myself. I also have a couple of Solinco left and Alu and 1x rpm....
1x isospeed tour players 1.25
1x Isospeed Axon 1.25
1x Pacific Poly Spin 1.25
1x Pacific Poly Spin 1.30
1x Pacific Poly Force Extreme 1.35
2x Kirschbaum Pro Line I 1.20
1x Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 1.25
1x Gamma Asterisk 1.27
1x Gosen Polymaster I
2x Toalson Cyber Blade Tour Thermaxe 1.27

I've had to move away from the Polys due to my arm but I'll shortly be testing Mantis power syn and X-1 in red (for some reason different apparently) so I'll update when I do. What do people think of Lux M2 out of interest?

This is what I wrote about it on TT:


Luxilon M2 Pro – the first thing I noticed is that it feels nothing like ALU. Not even close. It’s a lot more comfortable, and plays like a softer poly. The best poly I’ve tried at net, and hits a very nice dropshot. Not what I was hoping for from the baseline though, and died pretty quickly to boot. If this wasn’t a Lux string, I’d probably think it was decent: as it was, it was a huge disappointment. 

I don't like the softer polys much, which is the main reason it wasn't going to be for me. I think it's horribly overpriced on the back of ALU.

I can see it being that way for sure. Would you say it played really any different to a soft copoly? I've heard from a few folk that essentially it plays not as well on the harder hits but better on the touch shots. Sort of like the brochure really. That said someone also described it as "bad multi with a lot of tension loss" so I guess it's points of view :)

I tried two of these 'multi-monos', the other being Tecnifibre Promix. If I was testing blind, I would have called M2 a poly, and Promix a multi.

The only thing that made it stand out from a soft poly like SPPP or Blackcode (n.b. that I tried both of those in a hybrid with PSGD, whilst M2 was a full bed) is that it had better touch on the soft shots. From the baseline there was nothing special. It's supposed to stiffen when you hit hard, but the only time I noticed anything was when I really cracked it for a winner (and to be honest, even then it may have been in my head).

However, it is comfortable for a poly. It's hard to say exactly how comfortable to someone who has had arm problems, but I didn't experience any discomfort in a full bed at 56 whereas I've had a few twinges with some of the stiffer polys in a syn gut hybrid at 54/58.

No wonder jaz is running out of polys to sell me - you've got them all you bugger! .).

Have a packet of gut hybid (so called ATP Official product)... Pacific Tough Gut and Pacific Poly Force... is it any good?!
Anyone care to pass judgement on this combo? Plus what type of frames/game would thois best suit.

poly force imo is one of the best polys and pacific tough gut is a quality gut a little bit stiffer than prime gut my fave which is a little bit crisper than VS.

A really good combo, I'll have it if you wanna sell it, thinking of trying pacific prime gut mains, poly cross again as I could dosome amazing things on serve with it but struggled a bit on my fh....but that was with the kps and prob nothing to do with strings and it will prob be different with my VT 95.......

Is this hybrid a bit more all court/serve and volley orientated? Or it's absolutely equally well suited for b-line bashing?





It a decent combo and I like it, though I prefer Prime Gut to Tough Gut. With Pacific there is always a slightly greater chance of either the poly or gut breaking during the stringing process.
If you put the poly in the mains then its as good as anything from the baseline but you might as well have full poly imo.
Why not try gut in the mains and see how it performs for you. You may be quite surprised.


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