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Yes, looking forward to return to London (put forward to tomorrow) and getting playing again. Here in Devon I only have access to outside court which has been iced over.


Really looking forward to testing out a new, 'special' YTPP and the TF Vo2 320 and seeing if 1 or other can oust the APD. I also want to 'revisit' my old PD+, a frame that I was surprised to find I really liked when I hit with it fairly recently. 


Finally, nice to see the FS/T section on this site operating. Providing it's not too much hassle to upload relevant info, I'll probably stick a few frames up here in a week or 2... I recently did a lot of business on ebay and it's been nothing but an endless chore with ppl pissing me around - I look forward to shifting frames in an altogether easier manner.


Peace and gloves tennis bums!



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I've gone and done it again,before Christmas i was very happy with how the pro ones are going, lots of them around the house.Not being able to playdue to weather has led me looking on websites, just taken delivery of a couple of tgk prestige midpluses with microgel paint.They do feel really nice swishing around and the amount of lead tape everywhere makes them look really tweakable. Why do i do this?
I'll get back to you on this topic, Dave... I also got myself a well deserved Xmas pressie!... a pro-stock YTPP!...
fotos please Rossy..........



My history with cameras and taking pics of my own frames and then uploading them to where ever is, to be honest, not great... (another reason I hate ebay)...  

Anyhow, it was just 1 of Mark's (Marcus - UKRH member) pro-stock YTPPs (TGK 238.5) that I got...

A major reason I got it was because at that time I'd just got my retail YTPP thieved by some postie (who deserves to rot in hell) when being sent back by my stringer in the post...

So, unfinished business, and a pro-stock version to boot... it's been fun getting it modded up to the specs I think would gel with me re the frame.

Just have to see if I can actually play with the bloody thing!... my previous experience was I loved the retail YTPP, but it was a bit of a stretch for me who prefers a bit more power and spin gratis - al la your Babs provide. 

As I've mentioned I believe, I'm about to be keenly participating in one my little annual test periods... YTPP, TF Vo2 320, PD+, PSTGT - they're all at the stringers right now (and no, I'm not getting them sent back to me. .).   ) 


Shall keep you posted.




Dave I would like to have a go at one of those when the time comes and you wanna pass them on.....:)


They are lovely frames, only around 330g strung with lead around the hoop and handle, feel solid like the pro ones/pro staffs of my childhood.I was also suprised to see that i quite like the microgel paintscheme esp up close. I've only played with a microgel radical before and they didn't feel like that never tried a prestige. I didn't however play any better with them in the cold of this weeks evenings.Not sure i can justify keeping them when knee deep in donnays.(Did you know in advance i was going to do this Meags?)SO i suppose i should sell them...........
Ha send me an email and foto i doubt i Will be able to afford them or even one! i may however in a couple of weeks have the me and let me know the score.
will do..........................
had my first session of 2011 with my coach. Went really well and I even took a tie breaker off him, although he is 42 now he was still bout 300 in the world 20 years ago and plays great grinding tennis. He has lots of stories about his coach Buster Motram too. Good day, feel good and play well when Im getting regular coachng sessions.

Motram is so underrated within British tennis, must be great to hear!

Surely you don't think i'll use these for a few weeks get bored and sell them do you?Oh, well i suppose there is some evidence to that.Yes you can have first dibs if (when?) it's time.I am quite interested to see how a retail frame from the late 80s compares to a "pro" frame of now.The genreal feel of swingin it around and knocking a ball about in the garden leads me to think they may just be getting what we all did 20 years ago!  

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