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Hi Mike! This might be a stupid question, but here goes! How tight should you hold the racquette? If I hold it too tight, then I feel that everything is not fluid. However, if I hold it too loose, then I lose control when my racquette meets the ball. Does the tightness of your grip effect the power and accuracy of your return?

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a good must first make sure you are using the correct grip size!! if its not, then you will constantly be overgripping the handle....Depending on the shot your hitting, you will hold the grip with different strengths..I will use a scale from 1-5 with 5 being the strongest grip...
On groundstrokes you will use a 3-4. If you are way behind the baseline i would go with a 4 which will add a bit of extra power, inside the lines hitting short balls i would go just a little looser(3) never want to "white-knuckle" the grip..This is where you hold it so tight the blood stops flowing to your fingers..Just tight enough where it doesnt spin in your fingers. If you are using a topspin grip (semi-western or full western) and you grip it too tight your wrist will become too tight which will limit your "roll" over the ball and your follow through will feel awkward..
On volleys you will mostly use a (2). You want to use your opponents power against him,think about redirecting his power, not creating more power...If you are volleying from around the service line, you should add a bit of power to get the ball a little deeper, so grip it a little tighter(3)and make contact slighty lower to add just a bit of height
How do you know what grip size is best for you? I am comfortable with mine, but not sure if it is exactly right.
if you are right handed, grip the racket in your right hand. Place your LEFT INDEX finger in the space between the end of your fingers and the palm, it should fit almost perfectly. If the gap is too wide the grip is too big, if the space isnt big enough the grip is too small..but this is just a generic test..make sure the racket is comfortable in your hand..this make sense?


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