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Does anyone this combo? I have currently installed but the poly crosses are really eating up into the main. I really like how the stringbed performs though. Right now have have Forten Sweet 17/Golden Set Poly 18 at 55/53.

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I have found that the softer the mains are the easier they get abused by the poly, and sometimes during the stringing process, I have found a good feeling combination in WIlson hollowcore 16 mains and Luxilon Timo 1.10 crosses, but doesnt last long.  I have replaced the hollowcore with Wilson Red alert in the mains and left the crosses the same.  The Red alert is a smother string and the poly slides well with it and creates more durability and yet plays pretty well.
yeah.. my strings broke last nite. it laste about 10 hours I think.. I think I'm going back to poly mains/syn gut crosses but bring the tension down a couple pounds for both...

Ok first of all you are using poly on the crosses? No bueno. Use the poly on the mains and cut back on the tension. Roger uses gut mains and poly crosses, but that's roger, I have strung many thousands of frames and never put poly on the crosses. The problem with the poly is it's stiff and hard on the arm. It's durable ok but dull.Forten sweet 17 g is a simple synthetic, your cross is thinner than the main again no buean will eat the thicker main. If you have to use this combo try the poly main and syn cross and reverse the tensions 2 lbs lower on the mains. You can contact me for any recommendations. I've been stringing professionally since 1977.

Thanks Mark. I hear ya. I haven't gone back to poly crosses. I have found with really stiff polys that I have to hybrid with syn gut but with softer polys I can go full be on it. With the stiff poly/syn gut i get more spin but with full bed of soft poly I get more ball pocketing.. is that wierd?

No it actually feels that way, the stiffer polys really don't flex as much and also lose tension as well. The higher end polys have come a long way but I would rather brake strings every 2 sets than hurt my arm. I recommend these hybrids only if you are using a lot of spin and braking strings too frequently. I have done a great deal of these hybrids as I tested strings for several company's and a manufacturer as well. The thinner combinations such as 18g X 17g depending on the material on the mains even the crosses can be the ones braking prematurely. People are funny. I have a friend a very highly ranked player from France, he was using taolson a 17g leoina actually for years loved it. As a gift I stung his frames with nrg 17g, He couldn't believe the difference in feel. I always tell people it takes a couple of stringing s to find out what is best. I ask many questions in an effort to find the correct product for the player.

your using a thinner cross than the mains? also use the poly on the mains not the crosses. Contact me if you want some help. 30+ years experience


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