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Kevlar for mains and Leyona for crosses can last for months. Most people say it's like hitting with a board, but I feel that I have not lost any feel and it last for ever. I use to break any string withing two days of hitting. With the Kevlar combo it can last for a good month. Try it out. Also Big bangers is the way to go too.

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Gosen Polylon Comfort is another option if Kelvar and the harder polys give you arm trouble. Gosen Polylon Comfort is softer than some monofilament nylons but it's not as durable as most polys.
Kevlar strings will last a long time, and it may outlast my elbow.
I've been stringing the juniors around here in SoCal with a Poly called Topspin Cyberflash and the results have been great. They like that they can hit out and still maintain a high degree of control and spin without sacraficing the power they like. For the better players wanting more feel I cut it with Tecnifibre Multi-Feel or Natural Gut. Keep on stringing in the FREE world!
Does Tenifibre Multi-Feel fray a lot on the cross? The main multifilament I use is Gamma Livewire XP since it's pretty fray resistant for a multifilament. But I kinda feel Livewire XP is overpriced.
try gamma fusion. the coil comes with a gamma kevlar for the mains and TNT Rx for the crosses. after many years using poly strings, i switched over to this. good feel, spin, and reasonable durability.
prince recoil is the answer for people who want's an extra bite on spin and keep the feel of the softer string Try it.
For those who string their own sticks, why would you need a poly that lasts "forever"?  I string my stick every 2 weeks minimal because poly goes dead fast anyway.   There's no reason to keep the polys on too long since they go dead even if you don't play.  IMO, I use poly (for mains) so my chances of breaking are low vs synth, but I've never broken a main since using polys.  I use synth crosses for spin.   I just hate stringing with polys!   They are a pain since you don't want to bend them to much.  I am looking for a "soft" poly that's not expensive.   I am using Cyberflash, but wonder if there's a better string.   I'm a heavy topspin baseline hitter and can rip winners from anywhere.  Thanks for the tips!
try Luxilon M2, it has some characteristics of multifilaments.  Polyester strings lose more tension than synthetics therefore keep stringing often to keep the same feel.
Another option is Luxilon M2, its a soft poly that has some characteristics of multifilaments.  Its a good alternative if you need durability but need something softer / less harsh.


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