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Have you ever had a student's parents cross the line, or act inapropriately? How do you deal with a tennis mom or dad that is tooooo demanding of their child. Has this happened to you or any other tennis pro that you know?

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Good question. I can't wait to see what the others say...
I haven't had any cases like this, but I would probably speak out about it.
I grew up with a parent who didn't give me a choice about whether I like tennis or not... I had to play it! And as I got better I started to enjoy it.
But definitely nobody should push their child to play if they don't enjoy it or don't perform at their best at all times!
So if you are a coach and see this, please do everybody a favor and don't ignore this situation!

This is from a high school coaches perspective. I've never had a child that was pushed to play. They biggest thing i've had to deal with is parents who TELL ME that their child HAS to make the team or the starting lineup, or else!!! or else what ? I ask!! In other words their child must be pamperd and spoil by their coach as at home. I explain that everyone gets a chance to play for a starting position, and if they don't make it the sun will rise tomorrow and I will do everything I can to make them a better player and sometimes it's better to sit and learn for a season instead of being thrown to the wolves when your not ready yet! That has always worked, So Far!!!
super simply, you let the parent know that you are the coach and they have to let you do your job or leave, it sucks losing clients, but one bad parent can bring down an entire tennis program! so if they are over bearing you need to set them straight or let them know of another coach to go to that simple :)

When a pro teaches long enough, it's bound to happen.  In a private discussion (parents only), they must trust the coach and allow a separate relationship between the coach and player to develop; otherwise, it won't work.  I always let the parents know that they will be kept up with what's happening and the direction where we're going.


Well put Greg, same thing i was trying to say, just mine came out a little bit harsh :)

High school coach here:  This is probably the most-commented upon subject among my fellow coaches.  I don't know if it's because of what I do as a preventative, but....


At the beginning of each season I hold a Parents & Players meeting.  One point we cover is ... this team is a benevolent (hopefully) dictatorship.  I do not allow parents to coach ... to help .. to do anything more than cheer and encourage commensurate with The Code.  My parents have not (yet) attempted to influence me to accept their view of what the lineup should be.  If/when that happens, I may have more to add.....


(Coaching tennis is easier than (say) baseball or basketball.  Those coaches are making more subjective decisions about "who plays" than I do.)


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