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How much do you charge per hour for private and group lessons?
Have you found that students are happy with your prices or shocked by the amount?
Do you have any ideas on how to attract new students and retain the old ones?

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Attract new students provide Care Service and a love for the game. Price Group is $ to low to advertise
I charge $35 an hour, group $45 per hour. Most think thats more than fair. Word of mouth is the best way to attract new students, and if the old ones are satisfied that their learning and getting better they stay and spread the word!!!
I charge $50 per hour for a single private or semi-private lesson and $15 per person for a group (I prefer maximum of 4 players but will make exceptions). I also offer a discount on multiple lessons paid in advance. I also offer a discount on, from which I have received many calls.

I have found that after one lesson my students prefer to pay in advance to secure the lower rate. I don't mind this because I'd rather have a student come back 5 more times at a lower rate than take only one lesson at the higher rate. Because of the methodology I use I get instant results so my students are thrilled and eager to pay in advance.

Also, I have privates almost exclusively as students prefer my one-on-one instruction and because I am willing to play points with them after drills. Although it is customary to charge more as a hitting partner, I include it in the lesson with some of my students because they enjoy it so much, it helps build their confidence plus I get some exercise and practice in myself.

To attract new ones try the site above. I also put flyers on the local court bulliten boards and put my business cards anywhere and everywhere including tennis shops and sporting goods stores. I always carry my business card and hand it out every chance I get.

I encourage my continuing students to practice on their own at home and I give them plenty of things to work on, even off the court. I also encourage them to buy and refer regularly to teaching materials (Oscar Wegner's book and DVDs). They all realize that no matter how much they improve there is always something to work on, so I don't worry about them getting so proficient that they drop the lessons. The only reasons my students stop lessons are insufficient time or money.

It is my goal to make my students more able and independent, so I am pleased when they progress sufficieintly to take a break from lessons, or to move on to another MTM coach for more advanced coaching. As I say on my website "Sky's The Limit!".

how do you get new students? tennisopolis!!!!! mark your the man! 



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