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I love Johnny Mac, he's a character and brought a lot of personality to the game. Good hands, yes and no. A lot of McEnroe's success had to do with footwork and his ability to get to the right place at the right time and use that superb touch on the volley, but Federer, Raffa, and probably Haas and Hewitt all have better hands than McEnroe; and that's apparent by watching what they can do from all over the court, not just at the net. Those guys have the ability to control the entire court by subtle variations of their stroke and to watch them hit shots that just defy comprehension. A lot of people forget about Ivan Lendl, but he also had good hands.

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i still would go with mac in his prime against any of the top players of today.
Federer, Raffa, Haas, and Hewitt all have better hands than McEnroe!? YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!! Raffa? RAFFA??? When the term good hands is used it is normaly in reference to net play, where McEnroes skill was, is and probably always will be unsurpassed. In reference to the ability to control the entire court please reference the following study guides. 1. McEnroe vs. Borg 2. McEnroe drives borg into retirement. 3. McEnroe vs. Conners 84 wimbledon final 6-1 6-1 6-2 80 minutes. 4. 1984 McEnroe vs. the world 84-3. Say wat you want about Mac's behavoir but it is my opinion that his game was nearly flawless and had virtualy no holes in it. He was one of the greatest tacticians the game has ever known.
Give Mac the equipment these guys grew up with and there will be no comparison, as for Ivan, there is no way he had the hands Mac had, how much net did he play. By the way as much as I love Rafa, his hands do not compare to Mac"s. Roger is closer but I still see no comparison.


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