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3.0-3.5 at Lake Merritt, Oakland, this Sat morning or Sunday evening? Rallying only, for now.

Just getting back into the game (after many years!) and wanting to rally on a few occasions before venturing back into playing sets.


Please let me know if you're interested.




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Ivan! Thanks for the youtube. Very cool!


I had a REALLY fun time playing today. You rock! You're so good! Plus I got the perfect workout from our 2 hours of pure rallying today. Thanks for being such a great sport out there. Your patience really allowed me to START to get back into my old game.


I'm going to have to look into my plans for next weekend, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make Sat OR Sun morning. Are you still up for checking out Laney, as we discussed this morning? (Two other people have already recommended it to me and I'd looove to see about that free lesson they apparently have!)




I'm glad you had fun :)


I have some out of towners visiting next weekend for the labor day weekend, so might not be able to play tennis, but I'm looking forward to check out Laney after those dates!

Come by the courts at Laney College during the weekend... You'll always find someone to play with.

GTK! Thanks, Joel. I'm relatively new to the area...where is Laney? Also, around what time of day do folks show. What is it, like, pickup tennis???


Laney college is near lake merrit closer to the freeway 880. (On 10th Street a few blocks off of chinatown area, near the Oakland Museum)

People are usually there 9 AM to late afternoon just practicing, playing matches, and having fun.  Real easy to meet people within your level and play with.  I should be there Sunday around noon if you want to be introduced to people.  Let me know.





What a nice offer. Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I'm busy all day THIS Sunday. I'd definitely love to check it out either this Saturday or...possibly... NEXT Sunday. Do let me know if/when you'll be around any of those times. I look forward to meeting you and other tennis locals. :)






Hi Nhien,


I am trying to get back in tennis shape also. Are Sat and Sundays the only time you are available?




Hi Nhien,


I think you and I are in a similar situation. I used to play on my high school team also (20+ years ago), but have done hardly any playing since then. I'd love to start up again, and would love to get some court time just hitting balls around to start off with. I also live near Lake Merritt. I discovered the Davies Tennis Stadium recently, where you can book time in advance for very little money ($8-10 per hour, which two people would even split.) It's right off Lakeshore, and the courts are really nice. (I'm open to going anywhere though.)

I can generally be available most weekend evenings or during the weekend. Just need enough advance notice. Let me know if you're still looking for hitting partners.


Hey David,


Thanks for your response! I'm waiting to hear back from a couple folks about tennis this week. One is a raincheck from last week so I want to confirm those dates before making any other tennis commitments.What's your availability/preference for rallying this coming week? and next week?



Hi Nhien,


Sure, that's no problem. Just contact me whenever it's convenient for you. The only evening I'm sure won't work for me this week is Thursday night. In terms of the weekend, Saturdays are generally better than Sundays. And so far, next week looks wide open. (Also, I just realized I made a typo when I first wrote to you -- I meant to say I can generally be available on weekDAY evenings and weekends, with enough advance notice. Sorry if that was confusing.)

Hope you had a great holiday weekend.


That was a lot of fun tonight, David! Let's rally again soon -- next week if you're game! :)



Hi Nhien, I agree. That was really fun. I'm glad you thought so too. I'd totally up for getting together again next week! Does the same day work for you?


(And again -- no email notice from Tennisopolis. Grrr.)


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