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I am around a 4.0-4.5 player. I used to play HS tennis about 10 years ago and now play a few times a year. 
I am looking for a partner about my level to play with somewhere in Bk. I can play most weekdays for now, and on weekends. I don't have a permit though. 


If anyone level 4+ wants to play this weekend (early Sat, or anytime on Sun), let me know. 



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can say the same about regular tennis! )) Thank you for complements )) I liked to play with you either )
any one of you can play today anywhere in Brooklyn that doesn't require permits? Dyker beach or McKinley or Verrazano would be perfect. I'm a 4.0.  txt me 347-277-6705
sorry... ti work today

igor, lets try to play sometime this week in the evening or on the weekend.  I dont mind playing in a hoodie if its not that warm.


Ping Pong I would be down to play for an hour almost any weekday evening.


PS: sorry I couldn't come to Brighton when you played over there, was in AC for the weekend.

I don't mind playing on weekdays, but since it gets dark these days around 6:30-7, is it realistic? I mean, for now I am free on the weekdays, but I understand you cannot play until about 6, right? 

As for ping-pong, all 3 of us can play whenever really.
I'm currently going to grad school so most weekdays I could play around 4:30 or 5 and I am off Fridays.  As long as its not raining, I want to try to play as much as possible  while its still relatively warm.

Well in that case, let me know what day/time you could hit on the weekdays and also Fri. I am myself in the process looking for a job right now, so most of the weekdays I am home (unfortunately). Let me know if you want to play this week. 
Btw, would you happen to have an extra tennis racket, as I recently lost mine and am in the process of looking to buy another? 

Let me know. 

lets aim for tomorrow at about 4:30.  should be nice weather in the 70's with no rain.  


We can try to play at bridgeview( usually no one is checking permits and I know some of the people) and if it doesnt work out we can just go to bay 8th.


when we play, you can use one of my racquets ( head flexpoint radical) if you dont have one but im not looking to sell. The only spare racquets I have are older graphite models that i dont think you would want.

No, don't worry, I am not looking to buy it from you. :) I just need one to play with. 
I am just saying that I lost mine recently and need to get another. But I will prolly be getting it next yr, for the next playing season.
I am currently using a friend's racket, but his is oversized and it's not suited for my playing style.
Ok, tomorrow seems like a nice weather, although it says it could be windy (15 mph). But anyway, I am down. 
I never played at Bridgeview, but it seems like the type of place that would check for permits. I also know that at Bay 8th they might also check. But if you say they don't, then Ok.
Igor, can you swim well? I mean really good? Could you perhaps teach swimming?
I mean, I swim like an avg person. Really doubt I could teach.


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