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I am around a 4.0-4.5 player. I used to play HS tennis about 10 years ago and now play a few times a year. 
I am looking for a partner about my level to play with somewhere in Bk. I can play most weekdays for now, and on weekends. I don't have a permit though. 


If anyone level 4+ wants to play this weekend (early Sat, or anytime on Sun), let me know. 



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do you want to play now?


Lets play, I have no permit either, but I know one place there it is now so necessary. Write back or call 6318053605 Nikolay 

Hey, can you play on weekdays? If so, what time and where can you play? Let me know.

- Igor

I can play at 6pm on weekends (and till midnight )) 

I usually play in open courts in Kelly memorial park in Brooklyn. I don't have my own permit (I have my friends card), but they don't check it now in this park.


If you have any ideas where we can play please tell me. Also I don't have any car now so I can't go too far from Brighton Beach area (unless you pick me up, if you can).


My cell is 631 805 3605, I ll be glad to play tennis with you! 

I can play at Kelly. We can also go to Kaiser Playground, on Neptune and W 28th. They have 16 courts, all of them are nice and I never saw them check permits there (I don't have one either). 
I can pick you up from Brighton, no problem.

Btw, what's your level? I myself played on a HS team about 10 yrs ago. But since then, I play maybe 5-10 times per year and my game has somewhat dropped off.  


So you can only play on weekends at 6 PM, or did you mean weekdays? 

I can play on weekDAYS almost every time and on weekENDs only afrer 5-30pm. (I work on weekends). My level is ok :) I wrote about it in my description. 

Can you play on weekdays? if so when can we meet?

Yes, for now I can play on weekdays too, pretty much any time. So since you can only play after 5:30 on weekends, I think we should play in the afternoon of a weekday. 
I am busy today, but I can probably play on Thurs/Fri of this week in the morning/afternoon. The only thing is, I have to string my racket. Hopefully I can bring it today and pick it up tomorrow. I will let you know.
Can you play this Thurs/Fri morning/afternoon?
I can play on Thursday morning-afternoon and on Friday in the morning. 631 8053605. write me an sms or call when you are ready  )

Nikolay: Ok, so let's tentatively aim for either Thurs or Fri, but most likely Fri. My cell phone is (347)623-4850. 


Boris: if I am not playing with anyone this weekend, I will let you know. But I can prolly only play on Sun this weekend. 

hey, I'd be down to give it a try a weekday evening or weekend.  I'm a solid 4.5 , maybe more ( dont know this rating system).

I usually play in dyker park.

Hi Boris! I have time to play on weekends only after 5 pm. On week days most of the time I am free to play. Lets try next week ok? 631 8053605 Nick
So it seems the weather will be very good tomorrow and I will be picking up my racquet today. So, what time do you want to play tomorrow?


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