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edit: sorry, I originally sent this as an email to the group - I meant to post it here as a discussion.

First of all, thank you to Mark for pointing me to this group as a good place to start this discussion.

A little background - I am both a software/web/database developer and a tennis fanatic. I own the domain and am planning on building a fantasy tennis game (among other things) there. But, before I set out to build the game there, I wanted to figure out and *define* the rules and structure of the game. Right now I have 2 competing ideas, which I'll share here to get your feedback on.

1. The first model is what I call the "prize money" game. Each player would have a roster with 8 singles slots and 4 doubles slots. Each "tournament week" (2 weeks for majors, 7-10 days for ATP 250-1000 events) you would be able to fill your roster with your singles and doubles picks. You (or technically, your team) would collectively earn the prize money won by your picks for that tournament week. So over the course of a ATP 250 event, you might increase your team's total earnings by 600k or so - while a major might see you increase it by more like $4 to 5 million depending on how good your picks where. The rule that would introduce a little strategy into this game is that you would be limited to choosing any one singles player or any one doubles team a certain number of times per year. Perhaps about 6 times. So for players like Roger, Rafa, Nole, etc. you would want to put them on your roster only during the majors and a few of the ATP 1000 events to maximize your 6 plays of them.

2. The second model is what I call the "fantasy football" type game. Those of you with FF experience this style of game will sound familiar. In this game, each player gets a singles and doubles roster, but all ATP singles and doubles players are exclusive to only one roster per league (leagues would have to be limited to probably 6-8 teams due to the number of available ATP Pro's playing week-to-week). In this game, you get your players by holding a draft where you would randomly set the draft order and then let each person draft players for their team/roster. You would still start only 8 singles players and 4 doubles teams each week, but you would not be limited to starting your players only a certain number of times per year. Just like in fantasy football, you would be able to trade players between teams in the same league and drop players to and/or pick up players from an undrafted pool of players. In this game, you would not earn prize money - instead your team would earn points - based on the performance of your players during the tournament week. There would also be a schedule for each league where teams go head to head against each other during tournaments - your players and their points vs. another teams players and their points. You would earn different amounts of points for stuff like aces, winners, match wins, games won, sets won, 1st serve percentage, etc.

Anyway, I think that's enough to get the conversation started. Please feel free to respond with questions, holes you see in the game rules, a different structure that you think is better than the 2 mentioned above...anything really. Getting this defined is probably the most important pre-cursor to actually begin building the game and the website, so I really need to make sure I get it right. I also want to make sure the game is fair and everyone stands an equal chance at winning, while, at the same time making the game strategic and making people have to think about they're playing.

--Jason (but let's keep the discussion here as much as possible)

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