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Is tennis a dead sport?  I post in Craigslist, and several tennis sites, and so far found 1 person (year ago but no longer in contact) I used to hit with a few times.  This year, all I got were hacks claiming to be good.  All I ask is a consistent hitter above 4.0 but no luck! I even respond and for some reason, no one has responded back.  Of course, I can't find anyone above 5.0 so this is not realistic I guess.  Do I have to join a private club or league?  I just want to hit a few times a week without any schedules.  Why do people post on this site, and never respond?  WTF?

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I think Tennisopolis is a great way of finding people.  When I first met Joe B., we mainly played on Sundays with his brother and cousins at a local high school.  They quickly lost interest and I was afraid our passion for tennis would be limited to the small screen.  Since then, he's introduced many people from this website to practice, rally and compete.  Our group consists of players rated from 2 - 4.0 and they all seem genuinely interested in improving and helping one another.  To his credit, we have even formed several teams to compete in local USTA leagues.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that finding a good hitting partner shouldn't just be based on skill.  You just need to be open minded to the possibilities of meeting people.  Asking to only play with people who are rated 5.0 and above is almost like saying, "Hey, I would only date you if you were a Supermodel."  Where's the reality in that?

Well said, Dennis.  It is amazing how possibilities open up just by getting out there.  I'll hit with a 3.5 and then learn that they know a couple 4.0s, then I'll hit with them and find that they know a couple 4.5s - it all connects.  And I think we all forget that hitting with someone a lower level is still fun as long as you are not playing matches.

Sure, I can play anytime.  I prefer Coulon Park-much nicer atmosphere ie no car noise, shade, just feels better hitting there. 

Nice, I'd like to check out the courts there too. Today and tomorrow I already plan to play at liberty, and im in the works on trying to set up something with another tennisopolis member for friday. If something falls through, I'll let you know. Otherwise lets try to play next week if you are available.

I hardly think your analogy to Supermodels even remotely compares.  5.0 is not even pro level.  The issue is mainly that players are worst than they rate themselves.  I know guys saying they're 4-5, but I could beat them with a woodie.  Yes, it's that bad.  I don't think I'm even that good, just want to hit with players better than me...which I'm finding out is too much to ask.  I'm talking about casual play, not on some private lawn and tennis club league.  So what I'm saying is, there's so many fakes claiming I'm this and that.  There should be a way for me to rate the player after playing them!   That way, they will stop  posting what is a "fake advertisement".  They should be rated by their peers, not their egos or ignorance...If you want to rate me, let's go...

If you think finding one hitting partner for singles is difficult...wait till you start looking for 3 like-leveled people for doubles...I think part of it also is that there are relatively fewer people who are a good level to play with in comparision with the very good players. The new people want to learn, so therefore they are willing to fudge their NTRP ratings or "claim" to be good to get into stronger groups. The stronger players are usually already in their own groups, and are usually uncomfortable in getting potentially lousy newbies. A lot of fishing around is definitely needed to search for stronger players, along with a more friendlier and humbler attitude. I do agree though...that not always the best way to look for people - usually it's literally doing a lot of "hey, can I play with you, etc"? and proving yourself to the group that you are their level. Communication on the courts, I find, is key. Right now I'm essentially playing for 3 groups thanks to this - 1 3.0 group for socializing, and 2 4.0 groups for competitive play, and am having a blast. Of course, this is Maryland we're talking about here...maybe the situation is different where you are?

Not sure where you hit. I had a great time on the court this weekend with someone 20 yrs older than me, Aside from that think in feelings.



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