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Why do people need to wear their tennis gear to the BNP Paribas??

I think it's pretty funny how some people put their Nike tennis skirts and dresses on and guys walk around the stadiums with their big 6 racket bags...why do they feel like they need to prove that they're tennis players? Just thought that was kind of funny for these past two weeks!

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Does anyone know if people dress the same way at other tournaments, like the Sone Ericsson Open and the Majors? I can't imagine that the Majors have as many wannabe players as IW. :-)
Maybe it makes them feel more a part of the tennis community. Maybe it makes them feel sporty and sexy even though they might be past their prime. Who cares if it makes them happy.

p.s. I was walking behind a gray haired older woman in a full tennis outfit at Wimbledon a few years ago and I felt much the same way as the original poster back then -- how silly, what a poseur. The woman turned around and I saw her face. Virginia Wade. Former champion.
Probably for the same reason people walk around wearing replica football/baseball/basketball jerseys with pro player's names emblazoned on the back.....
That's really funny!! I never noticed that, maybe they want people to think they're in the tournament. Haha
Haha I think that's probably the most likely answer!

Julia said:
That's really funny!! I never noticed that, maybe they want people to think they're in the tournament. Haha
Well, I can't speak for everyone you saw, but it's very possible these people you're referring to were actually playing tennis and not just walking around acting like they were. The USTA hosts an amateur tournament every year that coincides with the pro tournament. The pro and amateur matches are often on at the same time. I was actually playing in Stadium Court 2 this year at the exact same time Rafael Nadal was playing in the main stadium right next door. Needless to say, there were a few more people watching his match than there were watching mine. Anyway, when my match finished, I went straight over to watch the end of Rafa's match with my racket bag in tow - and no, I wasn't trying to prove that I'm a tennis player.


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