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Just want some comment on the topic. So, when i managed to get a friend, family, or stranger out on the court we just gone wild. No routine, no structure, and clue what we doing. We have fun but there are a lot of fly ball and uncertainty when a ball come to me.

So, what your usual routine with a beginner, tennis partner, or a friend out on the court.
e.i for me "O.K. you're on that side and i'm on this side. Let's GET WILD!"

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Great post. I'm a 4.0, but I still insist on playing a little "mini tennis" before really rallying. But first, I do some stretching and shoot the breeze with my opponent/friend. Then we will just rally from the baseline after mini tennis. we try to keep it right down the middle, nice and deep to get our rhythm up. Then each one will take some volleys at the net, and usually a couple of overheads. This is all pretty standard procedure for people at my level - some will skip the mini stuff. If it is not a match, we will maybe play some 21 to add some excitement.
we will maybe play some 21 to add some excitement.

You brings cards to the court?!? Way to drag the game into the gutter!


Its the same for me except we'll get some serves in if they want to play a set. I think everybody should practice the serve whenever they get on the court. You can get so many free points with the serve but it must be working at all times. I am a "hot" and "cold" server myself so if my serve was always "hot" I'd have easier wins and fewer losses.

Phong, that mini tennis will help your control so the ball won't fly as much. Don't start at WILD, work into it. it'll be much more fun!
Yeah, a little 21, then some Texas Hold 'em, and if we're getting really into it I'll pull the Roulette wheel out of my bag.

Yes, Serves! You gotta warm up the serve - this "first ball in" business can ruin your game. My luck, I always get the first one in and the second through thirtieth OUT.
Thanks for the comment guys. Will definitely next time starts my game with some mini game!


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