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I heard From the Grape Vine that HEAD will provide a Completely Customized Racquets. That Means If you want a head racquet that plays like the Wilson Prostaff ninety with the same Specs you can get one..... but at a Price.   So I went to Gone through their Customize program

I Basically Built my Wilson PROStaff 90's With a Give of a couple of grams to my likes.

Here is the WTH Specs

NOw This is Where it Gets Fun.... I need a Minimum of three Racquets Because I am a Active Tournament player and Tennis coach.... and this is the PRICE for 3 Wilson PRostaffs by HEAD.

WHat THE HELL HEAD!!!!!!!!!

Do you think this is a Good Deal Who Will BUY THIS?


i cant afford that.....

There are so many racquet companies out there. it is Cheaper to shop around to get what you like. Again for me the Wilson PRo Staff is a classic racquet. they made it a better with extending the 85 to 90, and you can still get the 85.... And this years 2014 Prostaff 90 is a must have for me!

But im Willing to change companies for the betterment of my game....but for $1200 doesn't seem worth it...for $1200 I can hire a Personal trainer at the GYM for 1 year and get better at tennis that way. or Spend $450 buck for 3 Wilson Prostaff 90s and Spend half the year training with a trainer. this way i get both.

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Little pricey for me since I havent bought a brand new raquet since 2005. If I ever come into a little money it would be nice to get 3 exactly alike racquets. instead of the mix match Frankestein crew I have in my bag. two Diablo mids that were built up from size 3 handles to size 5. A Diablo mid that says that it is a size 5 handle but appears to have been shaven down and has a butt cap that likes to come loose. A size 5 Diablo midplus that was weighted like the size 5 mid after I won my first title. I think they have used so much lead on it that I could never carry it on a plane! Also my Pete Best raquet an EXO3 size 5.


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