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Who do you like on the women's side and who do you like on the men's side.  I am liking the prospects of a Petkovic versus Schiavone final.  Schiavone will win I am afraid, but I like my dark horses chances.  As for the men, wow, Fed is looking good.  I hope he can take out a rested Djoko.  Would like to see a Rafa v. Fed final.  It has been a while since we have seen one of those.  I don't see Rafa losing to Soderling, I don't see Murray losing to Chela, but I do see Murray losing to Rafa with his bad ankle and all.  It is getting to be crunch time.  Who do you like?

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On the men's side I'd like to see Roger get redemption, and take Nole out.  I don't want to see Nole beat Mac's winning streak record.  I also like you want to see a Rafa/Federer final.  On the women's side, I don't like Francesca.  She freaks me out and looks like a man lol.  Seriously though, I don't think she has been playing very well anyways.  She barely won against the young Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.  I would like to see the local Marion Bartoli win it.  Slim chance of that happening, but that's what I'd like to see.

Wait, you have a problem with "soul patch"?  ; )

That is too funny.  She is a little scary for sure, but man I really have a hard time with Bartoli.  She bugs me just as much.  That is just a bad side of the draw. 

Agree with the no Nole breaking Johnny Mac's record too.  Go Fed.

Soul Patch lmao

If Mac is okay and even laud's Djoko breaking his record, then it isn't a problem. Seriously, you cannot be that serious. lol


schiavone rocks! she has very high cheek bones and the grunting is awful, i agree but she's a great competitor. djoker needs to lose and soon. his streak is getting on my nerves. i'd love to see fed take it but who knows ? and though i love petkovic with all her little dance moves, i'm thinking a sharapova-schiavone final with sharapova taking it.
I agree with everything Jess said.  Schiavone does rock :)  But I'm also predicting Maria over her in the final.
That would be totally interesting if that were to happen.  Schiavone the more talented clay courter losing to Sharapova.  Schiavone has one more match to win before making the finals, while Sharapova has two.  Guess we shall see.
No, I'm not knocking Francesca at all...she's a great player and I love the fight in her game.  Her shoulders just freak me out a little lol.  I love her game and style, it's almost like a female version of rafa with the looping forehand ending over her head.  I was just hating on her appearance mostly.  If Maria and Francesca play in the finals, I'll have to watch it on mute hehe

hey hey mark allow me my dark horse please sir!

besides sharapova's been steadily improving and just won a clay court title herself. added to that, the babolat balls are in her favor. schiavone on the other hand has had just an ok season thus far. they are both fierce competitors with lots of heart and drive, but it's just hard for me to vote against ms. "never say die" sharapova-especially since winning this title gives her the career grand slam. we shall see, like u say. can i be mayor of tennisopolis for a day if i'm right ? hahaha kidding kidding


hi angie! great minds think alike, as the saying goes...hopefully we're right-nothing like a good come back story and seeing maria win a slam after her shoulder injury and ongoing serve issues would be pretty awesome

I didn't say that Sharapova was going to lose, I was merely stating that she still has two matches to go, against a couple of good players.  It would be cool to see her win, bring some of the lacking luster of the women's game back to the forefront for sure.  But those battles still have to be fought.  Being a shoulder surgery recovery person myself, I would totally like to see her be successful.  It is a difficult one to come back from.
i hear soldier surgery's one of the worst tennis injuries. but yeah you're right, she still has to get through petkovic who's one of my faves of 2011 so far, with a comeback story of her own if i remember correctly. time will tell, mark! truth be told, of the remaining women, i'd be disappointed only if azarenka won...and even she's been growing on me of late.
Too funny.  I would be disappointed if Bartoli won.  Can't stand her.  Anyone else, I am okay with. 


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