Tennisopolis : Tennis Social Network looks like the new ratings are out....anyone got bumped...up or down?

Be WILL load...just the system is bogged down right now...presumably with everyone on it, checking out the new sure to look at the date of the year end rating to confirm that it's the new one!



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Add the link here Kelvinator
This is interesting. From 2009, shows numbers of players in leagues in each level.

Level at Start of Year, Total Players, Players Moving Up, No Change,Players Moving Down

2.5 - 19,352 9,762 9,590 0

3.0 - 82,803 35,133 45,067 2,603

3.5 - 121,270 36,381 83,456 1,433

4.0 - 66,717 11,200 54,250 1,267

4.5 - 18,605 1,333 16,307 965

5.0 - 2,698 128 2,135 435

5.5 - 143 1 64 78
USTA bump me up from a 2.5 before nationals now I'm a 3.0 still
Well, I don't know if I should be happy about it, but they moved me up. I'm now officially a 4.5!
Congrats Mr. Mayor! It's kind of a double edged sword though isn't it. hehe
Yeah, but the way I look at it is like this was a goal of mine and I EARNED IT! It's like a badge of honor - I know a lot of guys say "you dont want to move up, you'll lose all your matches". But I'm cool with that.
Well, said. I like to play players at a higher level than me. It brings out the best in me! I play my best against better players. Good luck to you!
O yea...O yea...and congrats!

Thanks for posting this Kelvinator. It looks like I will remain at 4.0 this year. Phew!
So one more year of 4.0 domination eh Mike?!!!

I hope so. I've found that the league players aren't as good as the tournament players for some reason. Even though they are all 4.0.


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