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I found this post by TW user "6-2/6-4/6-0":

Meth definitely seems more like it to me.

You said you were just going to try it, but then that mind-bending spin sucked you in and you just can't go back to 'normal life.' You know it's going to hurt you, but you don't care, because the high you get when you're using it makes it so that nothing else matters. 

Yes, it's ruined other parts of your life, but when you're pounding forehands from the baseline you don't care that you've lost your job (shot variety) and family (touch), you just want to keep ripping till your arm falls off.

So what if the stuff only lasts a couple hours and it's made out of battery acid. And no, it's not that expensive at first - it's only when you need it more and more that you realize the road you've gone down. But by the it's too late, your in some back storage room going Dirk Diggler on your stringer to get a fresh bed of Lux. 

Friends don't let friends do Poly...

Use Gut: the stuff grows in nature, so it's gotta be good for you...

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Lol. I'm doing a hybrid of soft poly bighitter blue and syn gut 17 gauge and working wonders for my slices touch and arm friendliness ! 

Ah, that's what I got two packs of, Big Hitter Blue 16.

I had it in a Blue Hitter 17 gauge/ Gosen Micro hybrid in a pair of used racquets and it played well. A little overly sharp plastic feel, but has a nice amount of spin and power.

So I was hoping to try that in 16 full Blue Hitter Blue and get something like a softer Red Code feel. :) Ah, the string meth addiction continues! lol

Yes I can totally agree!

Went back to a full poly string job even though I've been suffering from pretty bad tendonitis in my shoulder for a few months now.  The trick was to drop my tension down to 45lbs and force myself to get used to the more spring coming off the string bed. What also helped was going to a lighter-ish racquet with a 100sq. in. head size (Dunlop 200 Plus) that had a good amount of flex. My normal racquets tipped the scales at 12.8oz+. So far the rehab has been good but can't just ditch poly cold turkey lol :)


Yeah, I had been using 12.6 oz flexible Head Pro Tour 280s with hybrids instead. But now, I feel, I drop the tension to 53 lbs is acceptable in a more stiff Tecnifibre TFight 325 frame at 12.2 oz. 

I use Solinco Tour Bite and Barb Wire in full currently.


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