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Top 10 Signs "You know your favourite tennis player is struggling in the rankings when...."

10. During their match the commentators keep talking about Federer/Nadal/Djokorvic 

9. When the TV cameras never zoom in on your hot girlfriend/ boyfriend between change overs 

8. Get called for a foot fault or time violation

7. When commentators bring up Anna Kournikova while you play

6. When they are using a 'blacked out racquet' on a center court

5. When they are a Wild Card, Lucky Loser or qualifier

4. When the stadium erupts in an uproar after they finally get a game during a match

3. Like the fans, the player leaves their own practice court to line up for autographs at their favourite players' practice court


2. Right after a big win against a top 10 player, the press would rather find out how their opponent lost rather than discuss their win


1. They have a 'bag check' on Youtube 



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i like, i like. 

You're absolutely right! That great motivation Joseph!  Thanks man.  I guess I gotta go bang some more 7 gram rocks to get my Charlie Sheen swag back lol
Wow.  I wonder who that is.  They should have given you more credit and mentioned that they found it here.  They present it as if it is their idea.  Down at the bottom of the page there is a faint link to this page at least.  Ahh,,,  I think we are going to have to get used to getting copied - our community is taking OFF!  This is the most creative and fun tennis community online because of all of you!

I just sent the site owner this email:

Kristy,  Please change the following blog post to clearly link Tennisopolis and the author (Tennis with D) at the TOP of the post:

We do not mind if you repost our original content on your blogs but only under the condition that our site is clearly linked and the author is cited at the top of the post. 

We reserve the copyright on original material from

Thank you,
Mark Baker

They made me turn the muscle loose on them!


Thanks Mark/My Mayor

Yeah, lets keep them honest. 
You did write this stuff didn't you?  ;-)  It occurred to me later that maybe you found it online too.  Why are you spelling favorite like a Brit?  :-)
Of course it is my material. I am Zimbabwean and I went to English boarding schools and it is after all the way the Queen spells it right? I suppose the more I write the more I can convince more people right? When I turned in college papers here in the US I left out the never felt right and now that im out off college and blogging allows one to be expressive minus the formality, why not stay true to myself?!
Yay!  You go Mr. Mayor!  Ya, I wonder you did it.
How do you know when your favorite site is doing bad when you read second hand Material Got one i told you i would
lol you did finally get one! Jks
Good one, but I don' think that site is anyone's favorite.  It's junk.


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