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Top 10 Signs "You know your favourite tennis player is struggling in the rankings when...."

10. During their match the commentators keep talking about Federer/Nadal/Djokorvic 

9. When the TV cameras never zoom in on your hot girlfriend/ boyfriend between change overs 

8. Get called for a foot fault or time violation

7. When commentators bring up Anna Kournikova while you play

6. When they are using a 'blacked out racquet' on a center court

5. When they are a Wild Card, Lucky Loser or qualifier

4. When the stadium erupts in an uproar after they finally get a game during a match

3. Like the fans, the player leaves their own practice court to line up for autographs at their favourite players' practice court


2. Right after a big win against a top 10 player, the press would rather find out how their opponent lost rather than discuss their win


1. They have a 'bag check' on Youtube 



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lol very funny
Okay, those are good.  Have to think about any that you left off.

ok we should all add one that we think is good

ok here goes You know your favorite player is struggling when the brightest part of his match was the camera panning over to Bud Collins Outfit ok ill to better next time

lol  WTH is that guy thinking when he is getting dressed in the morning?  SMH

Why do that to Bud Collins, he never hurt anybody! Lol..


No, I love the guy, I just question his fashion.  :)


His wife makes those pants for him.  NO kidding.  It is just a trademark at this point to have the crazy pants and since tennis tournaments are a kind of festival atmosphere it feels "right" on the grounds and comes out of nowhere on the screen.


...ok....You know your favorite player is struggling when Brad Gilbert hasn't tried to work with you
hahahaha outch
I have a win over zach gilber (his son)
low blow and mike are you playing the Montain View open
you know your faorite player is struggling when the only thumbs up they get is on facebook ok ill keep trying


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