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After going through at least four pairs of tennis shoes in the last year, I have noticed a rather disturbing trend: my left shoe wears out quicker than the right!  It seems a waste, because the right sole looks like it still has at least a month or so more of play time.  I have thus come to the conclusion that tennis shoe manufacturers should sell shoes individually, rather than the traditional paired configuration.  I submit this as justification: if your car tires wear out on the front faster than the rear, does this necessitate the purchase of four new tires??  Absolutely not, I say!  These greedy corporations should follow the example of tire manufacturers, and allow us, the consumer, to purchase shoes (or shoe), on an as-needed basis.  Let's submit a petition, and with 33,000+ members, we should carry quite a bit of weight.  Who's with me???

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You must be left handed, because my right shoe always wears faster.  I have bad toe drag on my serve too, so it's always my right toe that wears out faster.


Actually, I am right-handed, though my left leg I think is stronger than the right.  I push off harder on the left to chase down forehands, but weaker on the bh side.  Also, I had a knee injury on the right, although it was a long time ago.  I probably subconsciously favor that side.  There is some toe drag wear, but it's primarily the bottom of the sole that wears out faster.  If I didn't weigh 224 lbs., tennis shoes would probably last a lot longer for me (approx. 12-14 hours per week, though some of it is doubles).

It would be nice.  But it's not a logical option unless one can sell the individual shoe at a higher premium, or having custom fulfill option for just one shoe.  And in that case, consumer would rather buy a pair.  Another reason for not selling individual shoe would be that one side will be well worn in while the other is not.  And one side will look newer than the other.  


Not quite logical comparing to the car tires companies.  Most tires are not unidirectional and can be slapped on any one of the wheels.  Also ideally, you want to replace a pair of tires (the front tires or the rear tires) at the same time rather than replace a single tire, which is the same as buying a pair of tennis shoes.  ;-)



Do you guys remember this toe cup thing which you would glue on? I know this invention was patented but haven't seen it anywhere since my high school playing days (1986-89). :(


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