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I am looking to get a new racket. I am looking for a light, small head, soft and solid on impact racket. I think I narrow down to a Babolat Pure Drive Plus Cortex Racquet, Prince O3 Speedport Black, or a Head. Is anyone playing with any of these rackets? Any comments and suggestion are welcome. Thanks.

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There are lots of Head frames which one are you refering too? What is your current racquet?
Hey there John. Those two are both great racquets. Both the black and the pure drive are 100 sq inch. If you are looking for a slight smaller frame that is not that heavy, I would recommend the head youtek radical mp. This frame is a 98 sq inch frame that weighs 11 oz strung. The Babolat frame weighs 11.2 and the Prince weighs 11.3. Also, the string pattern on the radical is a tighter string pattern compared to the other two. Just to let you know, I do work in a tennis shop named Racquet Solutions and if you did want to get a racquet, you can email me at and I would gladly answer any questions you have. I would ship the frame to you strung with any strings you want or if you wanted it unstrung due to tension being loss during the delivery, I can just send you a set of string. Hope you find your racquet John!

Bill Huynh

I think if you have a big swing then you cant beat Head radicals, and the price of the liquid metal is very appealing, its easy to play with too. If you have a smaller swingstyle then stick with the PD which has a lot of power.

You really need to tell us more about how you play, your level, what you have been playing with etc etc
I played with my friend Dunlop Aerogel 200 (18x20) and I like it a lot. The swing and the hit is must like the current racket that I have but it feels more solid and give me more power on shoot that I am late on. Are there Head rackets or 27.5 in rackets that is similar to the Dunlop Aerogel 200?

I am playing with a Wilson Pro Staff 5.9 si stretch. It is very soft and light with a 95 sq in head. I am looking for a racket that could me more power on balls that I just have to react to. And a bit more solid feel on impact. I think I need bit heavier racket (around 11-12 oz) with a light swing weight (low 300), a small head. (< 95) and stiffness under 62.
The Dunlop Aerogel 200 (18x20) is a really nice frame. If you are looking for a frame that gives more power, you generally want to go with a lighter frame. Most frames that are 11-12 oz are fairly heavy and do not give as much power as those in the 10 or 9 oz. There is only one somewhat current frame that is extended that would be 95 sq in or smaller. This frame is the wilson k six one 95 x. Other than that, there are not too many frames that are extended and is a more controlled frame. Dunlop has come out with a newer model of the aerogel named the 4D. Not sure if you have hit with that yet

Another racquet you might consider is the Head microgel prestige mid, which is a 93 sq in frame. It is quite similar to the aero 200 and also the new prince exo3 Rebel. Either of those two are nice. Dunlop use to make an extended version of the 200, but has not made it for the 4Dmodel.
Hey Bill,
You're right. Most rackets are back to the standard 27" length. I did look at all the rackets that you mentioned The Wilson k six one 95 x feel a bit heavy for me. In fact, I like the original pro staff but felt it was a bit heavy. I know the lighter rackets give you more power but I like the more solid feel on impact of a heavier rackets. I think I want some thing just over 11 oz. The Head microgel prestige mid and the prince exo3 Rebel have very similar spec as the Aerogel 200. I think I am down to the aerogel 200 or microgel prestige mid. (What's the deal with all thses gel? :) ) I think the 4D aerogel 200 is a bit stiffer. There is a aerogel 200 (16X19). I am not sure exactly how this one is different from the aerogel 200 (18X20). I think I will have to go back to the standard length. I played with that before and I am not really sure if that 1/2" really make that big a different. Maybe on the serve I guess.
the 1/2" makes a difference in my opinion if you are a tall individual who wants more from your serves. The difference between the 16x19 and the 18x20 is the open and closed string patterns. With the 16x19, the frame is a more open string pattern, giving more spin because spin occurs when there is more room for string movement. The 18x20 on the other end is a tighter string pattern that allow more flat shots, and from me hitting, more feel and more control if you can generate your own spin. So it all depends on your game. I prefer the tighter string pattern because I tend to generate my own spin. The "gel" is just the new theme haha because it allows for the idea of a softer feel (gel like) and gel tends to absorb more vibration. Both the aero 200 and prestige mid are great frames. Hope this helped. Just to let you know, I do have both of those racquets if you did want to purchase one. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask
Ive played with all of these rackets,
Head MG mid
93 head but its more like a 90 as Head measure from the outside
great control racket
no power whatsoever
weighs in at about 350g strung/7pts HL/SW 328/Stiff 63
IMO if you were going for a similar racket I would choose the MP or Pro version.
Wilson K 6.1 95
most solid racket Ive played with but..
really stiff therfore lots of power
i found it more difficult to generate topspin
great serve stick
350g strung/stiff 69/SW 340/8 pts headlight
i found it difficult to keep the ball in, too much power/SW/lack of spin
Rebel 95
great stick IMO
for the same weight as the others this feels lighter as its 9pts HL
great serve stick
more power than the Head
great touch shots (esp with good string set up i use X1 biphase/PHT)
great spin
can feel somewhat unweildy at net when not prepared is the only con i found but it makes up in every other department.
Its pretty much the same shape as a the prestige 98's but with more pop
large sweetspot
its flex is 60/350g strung/SW 337
it seems to fall in between the 2 other rackets for me

There is another racket Ive used that fits your spec- the Fischer M Pro 98 is a great racket.
all these rackets are over 12oz so you need to know whether you can manage them
Thats why i mentioned the radicals, they come in at 11oz strung and then you can customise to your own spec with lead.
Ive just hit the new youtek radical and its an absolute delight and if you can get hold of the i.radical then thats an extremely good racket.
But at the end of the day its difficult to beat my Rebel 95!!!!!!!!!!
Also i just want to point out.....
the power issue with lighter and heavier rackets is relative.
ok lighter bigger headed wider beamed rackets have more power but and its a big but its relative to your swing so if you have a big swing then you may find keeping the ball in a problem.
Ive played with the Bab PD roddick which i know has more power than my prestige mid yet i can hit the Head harder than the Babolat as it suits my swingstyle, whereas getting the PD through the air seemed more of a problem. So the importance of beam width cant be underestimated.
Also the players rackets with there smaller sweetspot make you concentrate on your technique which i think in the long run will improve your game.
Hey Richard,
Thanks for the input. I do found the babolat PD Roddick a bit hard to swing. With the stiff rackets, I can't keep the ball in without changing my stoke to add more top spin. I am too old to change my stoke now. I will try the youtek radical and see. Do you like the Rebel 95 the best?

its stock weight is fine, it feels light, although its about 350g. Dense string patterns I like for control yet with the right strings I get loads of spin, more than any racket Ive played with. It is low powered but has ooomph about it , more than the Heads, similar to the Wilson 95 but its a lot less stiff so its nice at the net and feel shots. I think the string inserts work and give lovely feel and enlargens the sweetspot. Its a joy to serve with too.
Nice cosmetic too.
I placed my Heads over the Rebel and there is very little difference in shape.
Id deffo demo it if you can and look on the net there are a lot of reveiws.
I hit with the new Radical again yesterday and its very nice, feels heavier than my rebel cos the balance point is pretty even. Its worth a demo too.
Ive got a group on my home page where players talk about their rackets and strings etc, you should join and give us your views.


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