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I talked to 3 people who got cordazone(?) Shots this week. 2 of my team mates got it for tennis elbow.

Check out this tennis elbow!!

Someone belp me learn how to upload pics on my own please? =/

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damn, that is not tennis elbow, that is serious problem. I used to have extreme tennis elbow and never had swelling like that. OUCH!!
I took that picture just now
ohh the old muscle that pops out when flexing......if that was someone's arm get the needle out for drainage
Been there, done that, got that T-shirt

John, click the second tab on the top right of the reply window to put the photo up.

If that's your left elbow, and after seeing some of the follow through on your forehand returns in the Yuba Open video, my educated guess is that it's from swinging upwards really hard.

I was getting the same area in bad pain and began swelling right there. I was doing the Nadal followthrough, finishing over my head, yanking really hard to get more racquet head speed.The forearm hurtles upwards and starts to pull the elbow out on the outer edge. The tendons which holds it gets inflamed on the lateral epicondyle. So the bundle of collagen fibers get messed up. 

Cortizone is one treatment method for people who have to continue playing. But that may not work long term. Shockwave treatment also another. I got rid of mine by just limiting the amount of time I swung upwards, and stopped yanking up on the stroke. I am using the Djoko forehand method instead partly for this reason.


I follow through over my shoulder but under my head like a normal human being

I saw one return for sure where you finished above your head. I was admiring it because it looked like you were going across from the start, but you ended up high. It's around the first two minutes of the video.

Maybe then, you have to consider it is your kick serve causing it. You definitely twist the forearm at a high degree of rotation from what I've seen. 

Im going to go with your forhand theory. If a serve jumps I suppose I may finish up to avoid hitting my head.

it was there before my kick serve was
What's your grip on your forehand, Eastern or semiwestern? If it is Eastern and you're finishing high, then there is less support for deflection because the side of the frame is more apt to be tilted back at the start, especially when late against a hard serve. Not the frame side facing the ground, but the side facing the sky. More deflection means less support, and the elbow has to absorb it.
You do alot of drive returns where I would block them, half way up to the service line, in no man's land. You must have alot of timing and strength to be doing that. But that's got to be punishing on the elbow if the serves are coming as fast as I see them in the video.
Thanks for the compliments...
Idk, I guess it is somewhere inbetween. "It doesn't hurt when I hit a ball well"


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