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good idea to get going on a string discussion, if you play something new or you love or hate a string then let us know here.

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If you put the poly in the mains then its as good as anything from the baseline but you might as well have full poly imo.
Why not try gut in the mains and see how it performs for you. You may be quite surprised.

Another string related qsn...


Right, previously we've all chatted about import duties and randomly getting stung by Her Majesty everytime someone sends a frame to you from the states, but does this apply to string (small quantities)???


If you get a pal to send from the USA in a small discreet pack (well, large envelope really), say, just a couple of sets of strings, does this mean you can by-pass tax import?


If true, this would surely be worh investigating for us, no?



I've done this in the past with my brother in law (a few packs of nat gut each time when it was a lot cheaper there) and it's worked well. Not something I do a lot though anymore as the price difference rarely warrants the hassle
HELP!!... I keep buying strings!... is it too late to call ourselves the UK Racketaholics and Tennis Bums and String Heads!  .).
Just strung up my racket for today: Kirschbaum Hybrix Power at 57/60. I've been using hybrids so far this year due to the cold and wet weather, so I can get more power without dropping tension.
Had a couple odd hours doubles last night. I strung the vantage bc20 with rpm at 60lbs. The strings did lose a fair bit of tension overnight. I've used these strings on and off with other rackets and really enjoyed them dorm one session. However last night was awful. Could hardly keep a serve in and was having trouble getting good bite on the ball. This has not happened before so i put it down to a bad match of racket and string. As soon as i changed to my a racket with some used tour bite i could feel the grip again and my game improved.
The power of the recoil of the bast core and a powerful string like rpm just don't match.

Enjoying an old friend this week: VS Team mains with ALU crosses 58/55. Still a favourite despite all I've tried along with Klip Legend mains and a similar poly cross. Thinking of trying Mantis Power Syn with Power Poly crosses. Anyone tried this?


I used the other half of the VS to do VS mains and Attraction crosses to see how that was. My arm was limit with the poly crosses this week so I'm still staying away from poly mains/full beds.

Best polys (stiff) I've playtest....
pacific poly force
solinco tour bite

Best poly (soft) :
pacific xforce
polystar energy

best multi :
X1 biphase

best gut :
Pacific prime

best hybrid :
Pacific prime mains alu rough crosses

I tried Prince EXO3 Hybrid Spin yesterday. Consists of EXO3 Glory 1.20 and EXO3 Comfort 1.25. Strung it at 58/61. Very impressed. Great control. Has a rather different muted feel to it, which felt strange at first. Really good touch and feel at the net. Crosses didn't move around as much as with the other hybrids I've used recently. Would definitely describe this as one of the best, if not the best, prepackaged hybrid I've ever tried.
How do you feel about "Champion's choice" incidentally Jaz? Old favourite of mine (though how it's cheaper to buy it seperately I will never understand, probably Wilson's markup).
Champions Choice is a waste of money; the gut is terrible. Much better off buying VS and ALU Rough separately.
I should caveat this by saying that I never bought the actual set but always the two seperately. I always thought that the champion's choice was VS and ALU though?


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