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good idea to get going on a string discussion, if you play something new or you love or hate a string then let us know here.

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Sorry Rich. Only just saw this after I posted i different section a query about Pacific strings...


Anyhow, what are ppls views on Pacific X Force EXtreme and Pacific Poly Spin?


Only asking as I'm getting very into checking out new and different strings - a new extra aspect for me I must confess...  I know you hit with 1 or both of these Meags...


Anyone have a view?





I'm pretty sure there is no X Force Extreme; there's Poly Force Extreme and X Force. Either way, both are good strings and have met with my approval. 


Poly Spin, on the other hand, is a terrible abomination of a string (that's why I was selling it Meags). Aside from being annoying to string (it has a tendency to break on the machine) it plays awfully and despite the name, gives pretty poor access to spin.

I have a couple ofpacific strings in the post of Jaz inc poly spin.


I used xforce extreme 18 and really enjoyed it for a couple of sessions, pretty soft for a poly, plenty of spin but bit like the Rebel just didnt quite know where the ball was going half the time.


The other was Poly Force 17 and Ive gotta say after a few long games its still playing well. Its firm but I found really nice touch. Excellent string imo. A couple of games were with heavy wet balls and it never let me down. It also has some pop too. Oh and I did find my kick serve was somewhat improved.

Cant say Im going to swap it for Alu tho, there is a certain crispness and bite I havent found with any other string.


Pacific prime gut I love too better imo than VS, again crisper, and strung with alu rough on crosses, man can you put some movement on the ball !!

How did you guys find the Solinco strings? I seem to recall someone shipped some in from the US. I've just noticed that they're now carried by Stringers' World. And just after I claimed I'd finished my string journey too.

The journey never ends  :-)

I'm about to get a new frame - so this is the perfect time to revisit strings right?

But I'm happy! It's just... the grass looks quite green over there...

Dave, 10s Bums,


Yep, my number one string of choice lately, especially in my APD. Not as harsh as older high end polys but also not so mushy as the softest options. Has all the qualities you look for re power/control/spin, as well as - as the name suggests - good bite, and something 'dry' in its feel to (so difficult to translate feel me thinks.)

That said, I'd definitely like to try the super-slick, slightly greasy feeling, big-hitting, big-spinning Tornado again, which I adored the few times I played it in my Prestige mid. And as an alternative to Solinco, I've tried the cheaper Mantis Power - and I really like that too- has a certain springiness I rather like, as well as good spin and power. I also don't think you can argue with Alu, which is kind of the bench-mark, I suppose.

Must say I am enjoying this (for me) relatively new past-time of investigating strings - it certainly compliments the racket obsessing, etc.




BTW, Still haven't tried the Genesis strings and reckon they will really be my cup of Rosie Lee!

Yeah that was me Dags. I sorted out a reel a while back and took requests on the TTW thread
I thought Tour Bite was pretty bad. Didn't hold tension particularly well. Its also overpriced.
That's actually quite good to hear - if it loses tension then my interest wanes as I've settled on a gut/poly hybrid, so want the poly to hold tension for as long as it can. My head is no longer turned.



I'd love to know which polys you personally happen to really rate... you must try loads of them in the course of your work or whatever... what are your faves then?



There's not that much I rate particularly highly, and to an extent I think that string is irrelevant. By this I mean that for a polyester, provided the tension is right and I only want to use it for an hour almost any polyester is good. For example, I tried RPM Blast and Solinco Tour Bite at the same tension; the RPM was perfect but was literally only good for an hour, while the Tour Bite was too loose (and would only have been good for an hour). 


Here are some polyesters I like:


-Babolat RPM Blast. But it is only good for one hour and thats it.

-Tecnifibre Black Code. Easy to stroke the ball around with.

-Pacific Force. Unbelievable control.

-Mantis Power Polyester. Surprisingly one of the best polyesters I've hit with and one of the few I've hit with until it broke.

-WeissCannon Superstring. Easy to hit with, but control when you want to rip it.


And here are some I don't like:


-Mantis Comfort Polyester. Terrible. One of the worst strings I've ever hit with. Way too soft.

-Pacific Poly Spin. Brittle. Stiff. Not (as the name would have you believe) good for spin.

-Solinco Tour Bite. Too soft. Holds tension poorly. Too expensive.

-Luxilon ALU Power. Not really a dislike, more of an ambivalence. Possibly the only polyester I felt I needed to drop tension with.


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