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Solicitation emails from a sharon davis & jennifer??!! who the H. E. double hockey sticks are they?

no sooner did I sign up on this site I receive emails from these 2 out of the blue I suspect non-tennis players soliciting a connection, wanted my email so they can send you a photo of themselves & so start a dalliance.


anyone else get these emails? I had checked sharon davis's other posts/emails & "she" sent the same exact email to quite a few other persons both men & women.


so of course I think this is some kind of spam/scam but not sure on what.


anyone know anything about this?!


I have deleted them but I should have copied/pasted their postings - grammatically written poorly, a little amusing.


thks sushiray here!

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Yea I got the same ones!  argh

You figured it out!  These two accounts joined around 11 am today simply to spam our membership.  We are always on the lookout for spammers and normally we ban them before they are able to broadcast on our network - but his time they slipped through.  Since then, we locked the gates even better.  I think these two spammers figured out that we have a great and open community of trusting people here and are trying to take advantage of this.  And now that we have over 30,000 members, we have to fight against this stuff that is all over the internet.  The basic goal of this type of scam is to try and communicate with you off-site, thereby gaining your email address.  This is why Tennisopolis is the safer way to connect.  Here you can meet new people and connect via your profile comments and PM's without having to broadcast your email.

Thanks for being a new member here.  I promise that this spam does not happen often.  :-)


NP Mark...glad to be here!  :)

You originally posted this in Professional Tennis? What kind of scheme are you up to, eh? LOL


Mark, I left you a comment about Sharon Spammer yesterday, stop slackin'!

Saw the comment on a profile and then saw it on other profiles and one guy was talking to her saying he's married, I'm sure he knew it was fake though.. but ya, it's bothering people that don't realize it's spam. And bothering the people that know it's spam, but it bothers me more seeing people trying to communicate back to the spammer thinking it's just an annoying weird lady.

Thanks Andrew.  How did you notify me?   Oh I see, you posted a comment on my page.  The best way to communicate with a Friend is to use the "send a message" link which puts the comment in the notification email.  Unfortunately, I did not get wind of it until another member sent me a PM.

Thanks for the help very much!  We need to fight the good fight! 


damn the spammers!!

What a waste of time, right?

Nobody falls for this stuff anymore.  And how much is one email address worth to them anyway???


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