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Sock and Young already out. Who is the best American hopeful right now for this BNP Open?

I vote for Fish. He's always done well at Indian Wells and I saw him practice on Tuesday with Querrey. He looks to be in chippier spirits. I see his big serve and aggressive play doing well. Not counting out Roddick but I think Fish is in better physical condition. I think Harrison needs three or four more seasons to be a force. What do you think?

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I think Ryan is almost there. I think he'll win his first title as early as next year. He really played well against Andy Murray for the first set and a half but Andy ran him quite a bit and his level dropped off. Once his fitness gets up there he will be in contention.

Well, the way I see it, Ryan has got to wait for the Top 4 to get older by four years: Fed will be 34, Nadal will be 29, Murray and Djoko 28. By that time, Ryan is 23, ripe for causing some trouble. I see Fed and Nadal possibly deciding to retire around that time.

But I don't see Ryan being major or in contention without the standard 4 or 5 years being pro and getting seasoned. Look how long it took Fed, Murray and Djoko to get big results. He may get a title at a smaller event next year, but being a contender means contending with the Top 4.

When the top 4 slow down yes it will be prime from some of these newcomers. I get the feeling Nadal may be lower in ranking than Roger in a few years. Next year probably in the top 30 for Ryan.

Speaking of? How soon do you think until we'll see the younger Harrison?

I don't know anything about the younger Harrison. Is there a youtube of him?

Here's one of the younger Harrison

As far as younger players I think Isner can still crack the top 10, movement and fitness is still improving.

I had high hopes for Sam Q (moves better than Big J, serves on par and bigger forehand). He's fallen down the rankings though.

I think that is the main problem with American tennis. Bigger serves and bigger forehands in term of velocity, but the Top 4 have forehands that can deliver a wider variety of spin, angles and depth.

Sure, it is impressive to watch Christian Harrison at 16 be able to hit a hard drive forehand, but that is not what I look for. I look for the ability to change the shot on a dime and have different combos and placement opportunities. 

Honestly, that is what Sock and Harrison is running into, a wider variety of spin, depth and angles than what they've seen as juniors. Will they be able to cope with world class shots and be on top?

Isner and Roddick have huge serves but will they win the ground game by hitting harder, or by being smarter, more maneuverable and efficient? Isner needs better legs, not only more maneuverable, but more endurance. 

Querrey has gone down, because he hasn't made the adjustment to become as nimble as Ferrer or be as mentally tough as Nadal. I don't see him placing the ball as strategically smart as the Top 4. He is already out of the BNP today.

I'm gonna wait for the generation after Harrison. Or root for someone else, from elsewhere or not. ;)

True. Supposedly, young Christian is more versatile and more talented than the elder Harrison. I was looking around for any results but he's apparently been injured or had to miss a year and a half due to an injury which kind of dampens his chances for success. For now, I'll be happy waiting. Ryan made it past Troicki- a match I have yet to see.

More endurance, he played the longest match in history! Not saying he will be #1, but he can hang in the top 10 for quite some time, he is still improving many aspects of his game. His height will always hurt his movement, but will be interesting to see the young trees, him and Raonic, and hove far they can go.

He could barely walk though, and understandably so. lol But did you see how he was out of gas in the fifth set versus Lopez in this year's Australian? No legs left.

I really love Raonic's serve. I have been studying it more and more. Extremely interesting technique.


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