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Sampras says Federer still the GOAT, but Nadal to be considered now!

“It’s always been so clear to me that Roger is the greatest. But I would say that, with Rafa doing what he’s been doing, he has an argument to be in the conversation. Rafa isn’t done yet. He could win more majors. He’s got a winning record against everyone that he has played in his generation. He’s won the Davis Cup, he’s won the Olympics. It’s such bar-room talk. You look at Rafa and what he has been able to do, you look at Roger and the fact that he did what he did for so long, winning all those majors. I hate talking about it. I feel as though every generation has the guy. Which generation was the best? You could talk about it all day. I just think that Roger was so consistent and so good for so long. But with Rafa, he’s sure to pass me on the list of most grand slam titles, and the question is whether he can take it further and go for that record.”

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I think its interesting when I read things like "He could win more majors." COULD?! They talk like he's 31 or 32 years old! He just turned 27! Unless his knee caps just dissolve, he's definitely going to pass Samprass AND Fed. Who to GOAT is...well that is a conversation for a different forum. But as far as numbers go, I think he's definitely putting himself in the mix, and he still has quite a few more years in his career remaining.

Two or three more solid years from Rafa, he can meet Fed's Slam record. Haha, knee caps dissolve! Well, let's see if he does stay on tour to 32. But Rafa only needs 2 or 3 solid years more. But he won't match Fed's records on indoor, hard court and grass. He'll be GOAT in terms of competitiveness and his winning record against every main rival.

yes i love nadal

We’ve seen this before from Nadal, but we never see it coming. We think we know him, but we don’t. There are discernible themes to his career, but his timing can be unpredictable.

In about a two-week span, he reached another pinnacle with an eighth French Open title, persevering through the hot Paris sun and a supreme semifinal test offriv Survivor, only to show up at the fresh, green lawns at Wimbledon and take a beating from an older journeyman.

What next?  Is he hurt? Will he show up to play the North American hard-court tour? Will he hide out in a dark cave for more Jedi meditation and emerge with a reinvented backhand and serve? Can he recapture his championship glory in the face of another setback?


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