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“What’s so hard to understand? It’s just a way of life for me – like being kosher. If you never want to know the joys of a perfectly fried bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, that’s your right. I don’t want to be subjected to humorless, idiotic storylines – my wife would never date a nebbish who looks like Sandler – with syrupy endings. Now if Brook gets a part in an “X-Men” movie or a Will Ferrell vehicle, I’ll happily part with my $11. But I won’t go against my principles and contribute to this ongoing nightmare. I’d rather get coached by Gilbert again.”

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Ouch.  Too funny.  Roddick is never one to shy away from telling you exactly what he is thinking.
I know!  It is so funny.  how about that last sentence???  what do you take it to mean?
Well I have to think that it is the ultimate slam on Gilbert.  But at the same time, he is really belittling Adam Sandler.  But you have to think that his anamosity towards Gilbert is still at an all time high.  Wow.
It doesn't make sense for Andy Roddick to have written this, because he was in the movie.

So many thoughts, but I'll stick with 3:


1) Wow - Way to be supportive of your wife's career, she must feel so lucky to have you on her side.  /sarcasm


2) Will Ferrell is the standard by which you're judging "good movies"?!  That doesn't really lend itself to my respecting your opinion on any movie.


3) It's statements like this that keep me from warming up to Roddick.  I know, he could not possibly care less if some nobody that can barely lift a racquet doesn't like him, but on a "rah rah, Go America" level, it does pain me that the only player we have of note is this arrogant P*@ck.

Lol! He may be a jerk but at least he gets his zingers in.
And he did in fact win his first Davis Cup match.  Let's at least give him that much credit. 


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