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Larry Stefanki had balls a few years ago when he once again split from coaching Fernando Gonzales.  Roddick caught wind he was not working with gonzo, so he gets in touch with Stefanki and asks him to be part of his camp, and be his coach.  After being on the tour coaching players for over 5 years and knowing Larry Stefanki, I would say this call was one of the classics.  He tells Roddick he is not interested in coaching him unless he losses 20 lbs.  What is even funnier than that is within 2 months Roddick calls him back and says, "Ok I dropped the 20lbs".  Stefanki then Roddick  was serious, and committed to working on his game, so off he went to coach Roddick.  Once again Stefanki performs his magic with Roddick making the round of 16 at the French and the finals of Wimbledon, I just wonder how long it will take before he realizes that Roddick is just another punk.  And please do not respond to this post, negatively unless you have first hand, up close experience coaching world class players. I have tried my best to support Roddick for a number of years, and all I can say is: He is nothing more than a winer, and a punk.  On the flip side of the coin, Stefanki has always been a class act, in the spotlight, behind the scenes and so on.  I will be amazed if the 2011 year ends and Stefanki is still coaching Roddick, because I know he is mortified every time Roddick makes an ass of himself. Actually I take that back, because Stefanki is such a class act and has such a religious work ethic,he will do every thing he can to make a difference with his player, but I hope he finishes like he started - straps on a pair of balls and realizes that Andy Roddick, will always be a punk.  

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Roddick has the game and mentality of a junior player. Juniors (not all) grow up sooner or later and their tennis game matures, but this hasn't been for the American Andy Roddick. Don't count on him winning any more Grand Slams or even getting close to touching the trophy.
Not my chose of words for Roddick, but he is definitely entertaining. lol

Well tell us how you really feel.  ;-)

It seems like Stefanki and Roddick will break up just based on the fact they seem to have plateaued as a team.  I think everything would have been different for Andy if he could have won a couple more points off Fed in that W final. 

I like Roddick.  I respect his honesty and no BS kind of attitude.

ike thanks for your comment.  I do believe Roddick can appear to be genuine at times, but there is a fine line between honest/tacky.  Here is an example:  Bill moves into your neighborhood, Bill drives a red honda civic, you drive a blue honda civic.  You meet bill and bill immediately tells you why he does not like the blue honda civics.  The third neighbor next to Bill hears the conversation and says:  Since we all play on the same 3.5 tennis team we should have bill captain the team, he will be great because he calls it like he sees it - He really says what is on his mind.  Remember Mike perception is life is just about everything.  Do you like my car, do you like my jeans....?

Well to be honest that really does not concern me,(please dont be offended) so being honest and saying what you think is not always the classiest way a person should respond.  If everybody in the world said what they thought my friend, you would be pissing people off every 5 minutes.  You want to talk about class, listen to any interview and I mean pick any, of nadal or federrer.  I cannot remember the last time I seen one of those two guys lose a match - and dont kid yourself they do lose, and moan/wine/complain/ rattle off the F-bomb ever in during or after a match.  All you will ever hear those two players say is a classy and tactful comment, and that my friend in my opinion should be the appropriate response. 

Well.....Fed lately has gotten a little stinky.  He is becoming more of a poor loser.  Yes, Roddick is a punk and needs to move on, but Fed's farts aren't clean smelling either.  Let's be serious here.  Everyone, hates to lose.  Everyone will have those moments when they are tired of it, and will "lose" it during an interview.  Roddick just happens to be losing more than he ever has in the past and to players he "should" be destroying, and hasn't accepted the fact that people know how to beat him and he is unwilling to change his game to accomodate that.  Until he does, he will continue being a punk and blame everyone except the person holding the racket.  Back to Fed, why do you think for the past month or so, to get himself back in the public eye he keeps bringing up the fact that he isn't out of it, and can still reclaim #1.  Seriously.....Fed, your time is past.  You may have a chance to win another GS, but #1 is no longer reality.

Hey Mark,

Thanks for your comments.  I do agree with your feedback, but not sure if I want to go on record today (May 12, 2011), saying that Federer is done.  He does have a couple additional hurdles to clear since dropping to No. 3.  I believe the grand slams seed the traditional 1-3 / 2-4 format, but not every tournament does, and with my fellow Serbian having his number as of late, he will now have a more difficult time just getting to Nadal.  Furthermore if that is the case, that means he will have one less focused match each tournament, that is, if these 3 amigos are all in the draw, which could prove to be good with the additional rest or bad with the changed schedule and fewer sets.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to watch how he handles his new position in the ATP Ranking, and thanks again Mark for your comments.   


Hey Mark T. do you still play yourself?

Competitively at what level?

How much do you bench...?  lol

ditto MD.  I like Roddick, he says it how it is.


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