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Hi folks.

I'm 44 year old male.  I have Head TiS1.  Although I have played few years ago, I stopped for a couple of years and have just gotten back into it.  I feel like I have no power behind my shots, since I swing as hard as I can but there's hardly any pace to it.  I also tend to mishit a lot.  I realize the best I could do is go to group lessons, but aside from that, do you recommend I switch racquets, and if so, what do you recommend?

Thanks for your input!


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hi Jacob nice to meet you.   I am still learning myself and have gone through a lot of racquets in the last 6 years trying to improve my game. 

I would suggest buying a couple of used racquets and see how they feel off craigslist.  They are really cheap deals out there if you just google the racquet for sale to get an opinion on it.

I don't think there is such a thing as a beginner racquet but I would say that most people don't have the arm strength to adjust quickly to a heavier pro style racquet and end up with sore arms and shoulders.  Strings are so important too make sure not to use very old polyester strings which might be brittle and stiff and hurt your arm. 

i recommend doing tennis elbow exercises as a preventative measure and esp long warm up and stretching after to keep injury free.  when i told my Dr i was starting to play tennis he said "oh tennis, that will kill you"  haha

imho babolat racquets tend to be great for advanced players but very stiff if you - i like prince for low flex rating and am currently playing the Prince EXO3 Tour which is a bit heavy for a beginner but excellent choice to move into. 
I would say look for a racquet in the 10oz or below category to start.

speaking of power - power is much more a function of your form and how solid you hit the ball in the center of your racquet.  Get a coach to teach you correct form or search youtube to learn this.  With correct form you have all the power you need. 

play with the tension first go lower for more power before you buy a new one. also check out

Hi Phillip and Coach V.  

Coach V, I agree with you.  I was blaming most of my poor performance on my racquet, though it's the same racquet I was hitting well a couple of years ago.  I do think there are better racquets out there for me, especially since Joe B exposed me to several from his collection.

I really like the feel of Prince pure graphite racquet.  Coach V. I see now what you meant by feel.  When I see you in March, I'll get a chance to test out the new Wilson racquet.  It sounds intriguing.

Phillip, I see that there are three different versions of Prince EXO3 Tour on tennis warehouse.  Are you referring to a specific one, or the family of them?

there are a lot of versions of the EXO3 but only 2 versions of the EXO3 TOUR which are different string patterns.

I know nothing about difference in string setups.  Which is the one you're recommending?

hmmm  i wasn't necessarily recommending my racquet which is the Prince EXO3 Tour 18x20 - but just telling you which one I use.  If you are interested in any of these racquets I would demo test them for a week first.  There might be a lot of life in your old racquet but I know it's also fun to have a new toy and it kind of gives you that new lease on life feel :)

you mentioned the graphite prince - i played with the Prince Original Graphite for a few years and love it but it's really heavy for beginners

find the heaviest racket you can handle and will be able to play 2-3 hours with. top heavy is better. will allow you to use the weight of the racket to plow or swing through the ball. also have this racket strung on the low end of the recommended tension. at your age, you should be using brains instead of brawn. have to get through those marathon matches at your level.

i'm sure other players here have their opinion but this is just an option you will want to consider.

I would not suggest to get the most head heavy/top heavy racquet. Most head heavy racquets are light and your TSi is a head heavy racquet. if you liked the Prince Graphite that's a grip heavy or 5 points head light.

Thanks for the discussion guys. Thanks to Joe B, I now have my light head heavy racquet and joe's head light, heavier racquet. Two completely different racquets. I must say, I'm appreciating my ti-s1 more than before. I see how I need to generate my own power with the graphite racquet, and the benefit/disadvantage of it.

Coach V, I tried your suggestion of holding the racquet with the first three fingers. This made it impossible for me to muscle the ball with my wrist or hand, and so it forced me to use momentum to hit the ball. Such a different feel to the swing. Great tip! Thank you!


welcome to a different world!!!!!

and there is so much more I can show you!!!!!

But think about it this now know & have a real understanding of what being heavy handed is or gripping too tight, & or using too much muscle is.

there are different degrees in all of these descriptive statements but all relate to the same thing. its just everyone might do the same thing a little different. example

what is the difference in Tight and muscling? Everyone will have slightly different answers to that question. the variations in answering this is the slight differences in /Styles/technique/perceptions in which players play tennis.


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