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I'm shopping for a new racquet, what's you favorite and why?

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I play the Head Microgel Prestige. I like the manueverability, yet the stiffness it provides. I am an all-court player though, prefering to sneak in as much as I can, and this racket gives me the "touch" I like. Consequently, my back up is the Head Liquidmetal Radical for the same reason. I actually get a better feel from that one, so if I am struggling a bit, I will switch off to it. Hope that helps.
It does help! Thanks...My friend has a Radical and after I hit with it I was convinced that I needed something else... I liked it so much more that what I have been using, I thought it felt way more solid.
The Radical is a good racket, however, where you are working heavily on your game, the Prince racket line is probably a better option. They are definitely more forgiving. Might want to consider that.
There are so many great stick out now. I personally use the Wilson 6.1 95 BLX. I'm a hard hitting baseliner so it gives me optimal control and I don't feel like the ball is flying on me. What do you use now? What kind of game style do you have?
The BLX is on my list to try... I play with a Gamma now, it's fine really I just kind of fell into it and never really shopped around... I like to hit hard from the baseline with topspin...but I like the net too... really I just like all of it... I tried a Prince exo3 and didn't really care for it, also tried the Babolat aero, I really liked the solid feel of the Babolat...
If you like the Aero try to Babolat Pure Drive as well. I also like the Head YouTek Extreme as well. They all have similar specs.
I play with the . Adidas Lendl Gtx Pro T. Why do I like it? Because no one else can hit with it but me and Lendl himself... hee heee heee heeee..... Daniele, I would go with Prince. Prince has been around a long time....... You cant go wrong with them. If I didnt play with my adidas racquets I would play with the prince graphite. Look at the one that Maria sharipova plays with.. I'm not sure what model it is but Im sure you could find that out.!!!!
I have the Babolat Pure Drive and they are great but I have just bought the Babolat Pure Storm Tour. Although I have to go pick it up from Roddy at ProAm. The Pure Drive is great but for me, I have a pretty good amount of muscle and don't need the added power of 100 sqin, so I am switching and going with the Pure Storm Tour...heavier and more control.
yeah when you can bench press a bus i really dont think the pure drive is the best choice, lol. good choice on the pure storm tour. now drop and give me 50!!
keep working will get it's only the little yellow short bus that I can bench...not a full fledge Grey Hound or anything.

It looks like you have already made your decision (judging from your recent pictures)? I know it is Babolat, but which one is it? I currently use Babolat Pure Storm GT and like it. Previously, I was using Prince TT Warrior MP and changed to the current one mainly just out of curiosity. I think it fits well my changed back serve (started heavy spin/kick 5-6 years ago, then back to more flat/slice). Funny thing is that Pure Storm feels heavier than TT Warrior although it is actually lighter. Maybe has something to do with the balance.

yah maybe... I have the Babolat Aero Pro Team... absolutley love love love it!! I went through a demo program and learned a lot my other two tops were a vonex and a prince but i don't remember off the top of my head which models. All of them though had a more "board like" feel instead of the "trampoline" feel, I know that's probably an amatureish way to describe that but hopefully you understand whatt I mean ;) haha!


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