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Yes, looking forward to return to London (put forward to tomorrow) and getting playing again. Here in Devon I only have access to outside court which has been iced over.


Really looking forward to testing out a new, 'special' YTPP and the TF Vo2 320 and seeing if 1 or other can oust the APD. I also want to 'revisit' my old PD+, a frame that I was surprised to find I really liked when I hit with it fairly recently. 


Finally, nice to see the FS/T section on this site operating. Providing it's not too much hassle to upload relevant info, I'll probably stick a few frames up here in a week or 2... I recently did a lot of business on ebay and it's been nothing but an endless chore with ppl pissing me around - I look forward to shifting frames in an altogether easier manner.


Peace and gloves tennis bums!



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Had a proper hit with the revelation tour 95 last night and it is very vantage like but its thicker beam on the hoop means it packs so much punch.
It had solinco TB in and it played very well smooth without being soft. Personally the beam size of the hoop meant it had slightly less feel than my vt but made up for that in blood busting baseline bashing.
Reddish brown one? Used to have two of those back in the day with the ISIS throat. Lovely racquets. Bit wooly feeling in the head I thought but nothing compared to the Gamma Trad 18s that came after them!
Is that the tour pro?
Mine is the blue one. There's a pic in the sale section. But i agree with a woolly feeling in the head tho.

Might be, can't really remember. It's this one (or very similar PJ) so I guess it must be:


Got that link above from a TW thread.

Good racquet overall. Is it just me or did the response used to be a lot more predictable back then? Or maybe I was just better and less fat :)

Right, I'm doing a little market research about stringing. If you guys wouldn't mind answering the following questions, I'd appreciate it. If you string your own rackets, think back to when you didn't.
1. Does your club have its own stringer or stringing service?
1a. If yes, are they certified?
1b. If no, do you use a sport shop? Another club that has a stringer? Mail order restringing? Someone in the local area?
2. What are the most important factors in your decision? Price? Speed of service? Range/availability of strings? Quality of service? Professionally certified stringer?
3. What price range do you thing is reasonable for a stringer to charge? Under £10? £10-20? £20+?
4. What interest would you have in using a professionally certified tournament stringer? Local pick-up and delivery? Mail order? 24h/48h turnaround?

1) There is a coach around who charges between £12 and 25 depending on what string you want.Usual unbranded up to some wilson or babolat strings.

1b)THere is an esporta near here, they charge £35 for a bed of pro hurricane-i don't use them!

2) Price, avaliability of the string i wanted and turnaround(i've on occasion used places that only collect frames every 2 weeks then 2 more to drop off-just silly.

3) I'd of thought round here a stringer aims for £10ish in labour.

4) Normally do my own but if i needed someone i'd wnat my frames to go somewhere that was going to look after them!

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Has anyone found a setting that lists all posts in chronological order? They're jumping all over the place at the moment. Clicking the 'last reply' link is ok, but if there has been more than one reply since I last looked then things could get lost very quickly.

Yes i just did when comming to see what you typed!

Rather than clicking on the title click the "last post by........."

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Guasquet v Triocki in Aussie qualifier looks a good ame already 


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