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I had 18 kids by myself saturday. Naturally I had some singles matches going. I cracked new balls for the kids and had them smell the balls in the can (after me)

Any concerned parents out there horrified right now? I know when I smell em it makes me ready to play. Is it kinda like them smelling gasoline?

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Every kid wants to smell a new can! I not so secretly do as well! lol ...hope those weren't 18 under 10 kids! AHHHHHH



smelling balls no problem, having 18 kids with one instructor now that would cause major problems with my parents.
HAHAHAHA!  Mr. Mark Mayor made fun of me for selling the tennis balls after I opened the new can.  Nice to know I'm not alone.
Did I?  I love the smell too.  Anyone know just how toxic this is?
Ya. 4 kids from the away team playing 4 of mine. Singles then doubles. An inter-team match or two and a game court... no problem. The youngest kids mom just called for her own lessons. Most of these kids are in my/our clinics during the week
Haha!  I think that's great, I smell them too sometimes :)

That's how you tell the receptors in the brain that it's on!


give your body a lil warning before you start sweating a ton and pounding water. Let it know it's going to be busy for the next 3 hours

One of the best smells out there right under new money and new car. Such a great smell with such young minds you will have them hooked for life!
I like the smell too.  It's like ditto paper after it's been printed (during my time in elementary and junior high).  We didn't know back then that it was toxic.  Is it toxic to smell a freshly opened can of tennis balls?
That has always been one of my favorite strips lol. I laugh every time!


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