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I've been known to personify objects in conversation or during a joke, but I rarely name inanimate objects.

Now, I do tend to name things which have motors or wheels - a car named Roxy, another named Land Cruiser, a bicycle named Gracie and even a chain saw named Fred.

I've never even named a tennis racket (more in a second) and this I have known a few guys to do on occasion - usually it's some ominous name like Crusher or The Blade. The former owner could crush a ball but had a hard time keeping it in and the latter would slice a ball so close it would have no authority and got crushed at the net. So much for that.


Well, my water bottle, Blu is her name, has been by my side, in-hand,
on the bench or in my tennis bag for nearly eight years now. She's also been to the gym, cycling, 
hung out with Fred (the chainsaw) during some yard work or anywhere else I need a container to hold something refreshing - easy-to-use and leak-proof.

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I love it.  You've had Blu longer than many men could keep a wife!  I'm always impressed by someone who can hold onto something as trivial (sorry, Blu!) as a water bottle for that long.  Sounds like you may not have kids - my little rug rats can lose anything smaller than a car (yes, that includes bicycles!)

Yeah, she's already outlasted the combined time served with two priors.

Total honesty is the key. If Blu sees me holding a Wendy's cup or using another liquid vessel (she hates that phrase) from the kitchen, she knows there's nothing to it. She gets it.

Now, neither Blu nor I will tolerate her being held by another man. That's a whole 'nother story. If my girlfriend does, then that's okay. You know how us guys are about that.

She does have this unusual deep hatred for huggies (koozies) though - something about, "If you can't hold your own, you can't hang with us bottles." A little arrogant if you ask me, but that's okay.

She's flawless otherwise, but I dare tell her so. Blu's already getting this little whimsical kind of flippant attitude with all this attention she's been getting lately.

I may have to go play a match and use some of those Dixie cups by the water cooler, while she sits on the bench, for a little reality check.

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