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Hi, I need advices on game tactics. Recently I played games with other players and I believe to be equally matched with them. I am aware that I have no solid game and strategies to rely on Usually I hit the ball back to the opponent's side and trying to go side by side.


Here are my problems that I realised from the previous matches I played:

- On my service game, with the help of a good serve and the ball lands short and slow, 80% of the time I can to put the ball away; but sometimes my opponent guesses right where I hit. In this scenario, should I look at the opponent's position quickly, then get to the position to hit the ball? What is the method to send to the right spot?

- While playing a point, I got control of the ball and seemed to dictate but the opponent defended so well that he put all the balls in the court with lobs and slices. I continued to attack side by side, then lost through netting or hitting out. Should I stop the offense and put the ball in like he did?


I am aware that placing the ball is the priority and power is an enhancement to winning points, but I seem to lose track everytime I am being outplayed. Therefore, I am asking for advices on tactics in singles.

For sure, I need to train my shots. I am still not very comfortable with volleys and drop shots; backhand is sometimes off.


I would appreciate videos and articles on those techniques.


Thank you.

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You've got to disguise your shot. I know, easier said than done, but try to remain sideways as long as you can, coiled to hit either direction. Your opponent may be able to tell because you haven't coiled and turned. Relatively easy to guess the direction of the ball.

If you are playing a lobber/slicer combination player, you are best to angle the guy off well to the side with heavy topspin with a drive it a little more if he is fast. Do not stop your offense. Rather, redirect him to make him have to run to the side or hit shorter and come in behind that. A straight hard drive at them directly keeps them honest. Don't let them setup in the middle.


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