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My demos of the new 2012 Head IG racquets! (Radical MP, Radical OS, Prestige Mid, Prestige MP, Prestige Pro)

The IG Radical MP could very well feel like one of Head's most venerable classics, the Pro Tour 280. All it would need is lead weighting. But the feel is right there, velvet smooth with great stability. For a racquet that is below 300 grams, I was very surprised at its stability. I was able to return a college player's big serves tonight with it and not have to worry about it twisting!

The IG Prestige MP , the other 98 midplus, feels more like a bigger headed Prestige. It feels crisp, and light but has better feel and stability than the older Youtek version. I remember hating to serve with the Youtek Prestige MP, but this new one serves real bombs, very precise as well. The weight is right where you can pull up on the ball for sidespin if you like, too. But the difference between the Radical MP and the Prestige MP is that the Prestige drives through better, the Radical lifts the ball better. 

Now the IG Radical OS is a gem also, too. The thing feels like downright butter. I feel it is better than the classic Andre Agassi racquet, the Radical Trysis, also known as the "Bumblebee", for its yellow and black paintjob. I got oodles of spin on my Western and semiwestern shots. The kick serve is just awesome on this racquet!

The IG Prestige Pro is a full 9 grams heavier than the older Youtek. Now, it feels hefty and more like a Pro Tour 280. It's closer to the Pro Tour 280 than the new IG Radical MP, but has more spin available as well. This is an interesting change in the Prestige Pro.

Finally, the IG Prestige Mid improves on my current racquet, the Youtek Prestige Mid. It feels slightly more maneuverable, has a more wood like feel which is smooth. The Youtek version was a bit punchier and twangier with more feedback. This IG version has more touch and feel. It's tough for me to switch to it still, but I'd like to own an IG alongside my Youteks.

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I'm narrowing it down to the IG Radical MP, so far. I've always liked the Pro Tour 280 and this racquet is like the newest update to that racquet. I leaded the tip with 3.5 grams and leaded the top of the handle with 5.5 grams. Feels very maneuverable and the swingweight is where I like it, around 325-330.

I finally decided after several great doubles performances, the IG Radical MP is the one for me. It serves damn well, smooth and accurate. The spin potential is huge, without the annoying metallic Babolat feel. I don't have to have a heavy racquet, because it is amazingly stable. I don't think the racquet has ever twisted in my hand! And lastly, I can hit tons of drop shots because the feel is so nice and buttery!

Ah, I found two Pro Tour 280s mint, so the IG Radical MP will just serve as a doubles racquet, if I do get one. It's nice to have a lighter one in the bag that plays and feels similar to your heavy singles beast racquet!


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