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Looking to put together a group of 4.0-4.5 tennis players to play regularly in Berkeley

Hey Everyone,

I am looking to put together about three to five 4.0-4.5 tennis players to play twice a week in the evenings in Berkeley and (possibly) grab some beers afterward. If you are interested just let me know and we can find a time to hit around and see how we get along and if our skill levels match. Once I have found a good group of people we can try to organize some steady times to play.

I'm 28 and was a grad student before moving here to Berkeley with my girlfriend, so it would be great if that reminds you (somewhat) of yourself.

Just send me message and we can find some time to play.


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Once you have your Group going Ryan, you should create a Group in Tennisopolis to manage it - name it anything you want - and make it invite-only.

I'm interested. I'm 22, currently a student at Cal, so I can get u into their courts!
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I'm a 4.5 as well.
Hi Ryan - I'd be interested in this, I'm 4-4.5 and a grad student at berkeley so i can access their courts also.


My name is Kristi and I would love to start hitting/playing again. I am 27 and played in D1 tennis in college. I am probably around a 4.0/4.5?? Have no idea really...Anyways, I'm available o hit any evening and definitely down to get a beer after! Not sure if you have your group all set but let me know. How does this even work? I randomly gave a lesson the other day and really want to get back into it!

~Kristi .
If you played D1, you're probably a 5.0. If you're rusty, maybe a 4.5.

Sounds good. My email is [edit]

Hey David,

Someone needs to actually organize something, it might as well be you! I'm a low-mid 4.0 myself. If you're a pro, you probably need more of a challenge...

Anyway, out of town for the next couple of weeks, though could play Thursday (Oct 28th) after work (in Berkeley).


I know this was posted last year, but I thought I would give it shot.

i'm a 4-4.5 player. I live in Alameda and dont mind driving to Berekley.

Sounds Great...... I'm a 4.00. I can play tomorrow or Friday 9-4
Hey Ryan

I 'm interested. I am also a grad student and I also moved here with my fiance at the time. Lookin to play.

Best, Fred


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