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Can anyone recommend a good book or instruction resource for match strategy?  Specifically I'm looking for doubles tips right now, but singles as well.  Earlier tonight, I feel like my partner and I lost because we didn't adjust to the opponents' adjustments they made during the match.  I feel like we were mentally outplayed towards the end and I really hate losing a close match (plus I made some dumb choices). 

Are there any good books that have helped your game off-the-shelf?  I realize that playing lots of tennis in different situations with different players may be the best teacher.  But I think I could benefit from some doubles recipes if you will.

Thanks in advance :)



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Think everything is an approach shot from Returns to Ground strokes. you will need good volleys.
Keep things in the middle of the court as well.  It causes issues between your opponents for one thing, but it is also the more consistent shot, and will create better opportunities for you as you play.

I have not found a lot of books about doubles that go beyond the basics.  However, I did like Stan Smith's "Winning Doubles".

gotta stick with your strengths and always be aware of where your partner is and give out calls like switching when needed, and try to work on your angle shots to draw your opponents to one side.
Angie. If you don't serve and volley yet do it. Everyball during the doubles match, no matter what. The only time to not serve and volley in doubles is never

i'd stay spend more time in doing approach shots and half volleys and volleys along with overheads during practices as opposed to groundies most players tend to fall-on.  Winning doubles is all about which pair owns the net and establishing overheads. serve and volley drills most definitely.  ;-)           

There are a few good books on doubles strategies.  "Doubles Tennis Tactics", by Human Kinetics and "The Art of Doubles", by Pat Blaskower are a couple to name.  I'm mainly a singles player, but I have been working on my doubles game recently.  The two games are soooo different!  For myself, when returning a serve, I like to keep the ball low and create a good cross court angle to keep the net guy from poaching.  Also, sometimes simply lob the net guy when returning serve to prevent the server from always serving and volleying.  On the other side of the token, when serving, I always try to serve and volley and try to claim the net as much as possible!  The main object in doubles is to claim the net!
Yep, I ended up buying Blaskower's book.  She has some good practical advice.  Even just reading the first couple chapters I (we) probably won a couple more points than I would have. 
hi! get it from the pros go to download some professional double matches and watch closely. watch as a player not a fan it will teach you something.
Clog the middle
as John also said way back, pressure pressure pressure keep moving in, and keep the ball down around their feet


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