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Let'er rip? Should Players Be Allowed to Show More Emotion In Tennis?

I read an article recently, do you think Players should be allowe to show more emotion in tennis?

Even the ever-benign Lindsay Davenport observed, "we get criticized for not showing our personality, then we get penalized when we do." Of course, the code of conduct worked with great effect when Serena came unglued at the 09 and 11 U.S. Open. More recently, Marcos Baghdatis was slapped with an $800 fine after smashing four rackets during a troubling courtside outburst in Melbourne -- a snit fit wrapped in pure indulgence. Michael Llodra was fined for a racial slur of a fan at Indian Wells.  And when Novak Djokovic let it all hang out by slamming his racket three times at wimbledon, it seemed to quickstart his run at the title.

Roddic added...Let's put it this way: McEnroe is still getting endorsements and he's 87 years old... what does that tell you? Love it or hate it, but watch it."

What do you people think?

Article by Bill Simons, Inside Tennis

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Ah, well I think they are allowed to do whatever. Just that they are going to fine them. And the fine are so small, they really are allowed to do whatever. ;)

Did it begin with Mac? No, it probably began with Nastase, the original bad boy. But I'm all for emotion, so long as it doesn't interfere with fair play. 

That's what i'm saying, I would love you smash four rackets and then have fresh ones the next time I play haha.

Totally agree.  If I had a sponsor providing me rackets, there are many days I wouldn't mind smashing a few, and with the knowledge that they would be replaced, swing away.  I think there has to be some emotion allowed.  Just can't hinder or interfere with fair play.  Have to temper it some also, other wise the near misses (Roddick at a ball girl) are not going to be misses anymore.

Heck, I like Rafter handing his racquet over to a ball kid to play Sampras, instead. Now, that's better!


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