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What an amazing race this was.  We want to thank all of the folks who participated and especially thank the great guys at for supporting our network.


The top 5 at midnight Central time are:

1. Mike Dong - $120.00 credit

2. Mark T. - $80.00 credit

3. John Spoerl - $50.00 credit

4. Joseph - $30.00 credit

5. Myiesha Simmons - $20.00 credit


For those of you who didn't win, you have another shot with our Invite Challenge also sponsored by  Check it out here.


Congratulations to the winners.  I will contact you shortly to let you know how to claim your prizes.

Thanks for rocking!


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Hey thanks Joseph. I thought the same thing when I saw the results.

It's all good. I guess I had a bad last day? I didn't finish very strong, that's for sure. I have a video of my wiff'ing an overhead. I should have posted that on the last day. I bet it would have been popular. Guess we will never know now ;)
it's all in good fun.  i'd say post the video of you wiff'ing anyways.  drinks on me when we are there in cali, after our singles match. 
wanted to say thanks to Derek at the Tennis Store, Mark/Mr Mayor for setting it up and all the fellow members here that participated in the contest.  got my store credit via email last saturday, 6/4, ordered via the website sunday, received my items last night, 6/6.  Awesome!   
Ditto.  What did you get Joseph?  I remember you mentioning that you needed more tennis balls.  ( I had to edit my comment when it originally said," I remember you saying that you needed more balls".)  That didn't sound right and didn't want you to take it wrong lol

i was totally out of the strings i use.  The Tennis Store has em'.  Came in via USPS but talk about super fast shipping. 


funny comment about the balls. 


what did you get?  a new stick?  plenty of magic vibration dampeners?  :-P    

Hehe, I actually go through shoes like crazy.  So, I got the Babolat Propulse 3's.  Which is nice because Babolat just sent me a replacement pair for the out sole warranty replacement program.  I can never have too many tennis shoes.  :)  I should be receiving the shoes from Derek tomorrow.  Congrats on that Open mixed tournament by the way!
Hey you winners, would love it if you took a photo of you with your new gear and shared it on the 'opolis!


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